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What Would U Do

for beauty? If someone offered you FREE cosmetic surgery with the best doctors in the business, would you take it?

I'm talking about a nose job, tummy tuck, Lipo, implants, reduction, lift...the works...would you do it?

It's amazing what people do to "look" beautiful. We see it everyday on TV...the most idolized models and entertainers all appear to be "beautiful" with their silicone and artificial parts, but what's going on underneath all that plastic? SELF HATE!

How can you love yourself and what GOD blessed you with, if your getting work done to your body? "Fix what you can't accept" is the idea I guess. You want bigger them. Can't get rid of that stomach...tuck it. Do people realize the damage they're causing to themselves?

It may not be apparent immediately, but as you age, complications set one talks about the difficulties people that have undergone cosmetic surgery experience over time. Boobs start leaking and sagging...the azz starts drooping and lumping...don't believe me, check this out!