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TMZ = Tells Many LieZ

Recent reports from TMZ suggest the legendary deceased rapper Tupac Shakur was spotted at a New Orleans night club.

Now tell me, does this look like Tupac to you?

Okay, maybe a little, but after viewing the second photo, I'm 100% sure that aint Tupac.

Stop lying TMZ.

New Maxwell read correctly. Maxwell has stepped out the closet (not entirely) and is back on the scene with a beautiful come-back track called "Pretty Wings."

I must say its refreshing to have him back....the new album entitled “Black Summer’s Night” is expected to drop sometime this Summer. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Check out the video to his first release, "Pretty Wings"

The Mary Massacre

Is it me, or does Mary J. Blige have the tendency to mess up a good song. I was listening to Musiq Soulchild's "If you Leave" featuring Mary and couldn't help but think how much better the song would've been without Mary, or with someone else.

This isn't the first occurence of the "Mary Massacre." Let me take you back to Neyo's "Do You" featuring the Diva.

Its not that I don't like Mary, I love her. But I think she does better on her own, or singing the hook on a rap song. She has a very strong voice, but it takes away from calm, relaxing melodies.


Obama's First 100 Days

100 days in and President Barak Obama receives high marks from the public, according to surveys administered by CBS News/NY Times. More than two in three Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing. Mr. Obama's 68 percent approval rating is better than the ratings of his two immediate predecessors, George W. Bush (whose approval at this point was 56 percent) and Bill Clinton (whose approval was 49 percent).

Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed, say they believe President Obama has improved the U.S. image around the world and 11 percent say his presidency has worsened it. While a large majority of Democrats and Independents support his missions, there are doubts, however, if he'll be able to end the recession and the war in Iraq by the end of his first term.

Update: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Is an awesome book. If you haven't already picked up your copy, scurry down to your nearest book store and get it.

Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" is delivering some healthy advise that will empower women to start making smart choices about men.

I'm almost done with the book and let me tell you, I've changed the game up. No more settling, dealing with nonsense or waiting for Mr. wrong to do right. I have a better understanding of men and what it I'm looking for and how I'm going to achieve it.

This book is definitely refreshing in a since that it sheds light on areas that most women over look, questions that don't get asked and standards that should to be meet. Whether you're in a relationship or single and looking for love, Steve has something for you.

If you've read the book, I want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on Steve's synopsis, and how has reading this book changed your life?

Secret Sexual Pleasures

Women don't share the same level of self-love that men share with their special body parts....'the package,' says Cosmopolitan Magazine. Unlike women, men "play with it, take extra care to protect it and even refer to it as a person." This love affair men have with their genitalia helps them have better sex.

If you want to bring maximum pleasure to your sexual experiences then Cosmo has a few tricks for you.

1) Explore - lie on your back and let your thighs relax on both sides. Rub the area around your clitoris and find all those hidden feel-good spots. Stroke up and down the sides of your vulva, tug gently on your labia and don't forget about your G-spot.

2) Test your climax potential - Right before you take a bath, lie flat in the tub with your legs spread under the faucet. Let the water rushes down onto your clitoris. The constant pressure of warm water can be extremely arousing. Enjoy!!

3) Focus- when having sex. Practice zeroing in on the sensations you're feeling rather than letting your mind wonder. When he's caressing you, think about how your body is reacting.

Getting a little hot and heavy? Practice these techniques tonight, who knows you may surprise your boo, or yourself with heightened orgasms. Don't be scared.....Enhance your sex life by becoming more familiar and comfortable with your body. Great sex isn't only for men, women enjoy it just as much.

Did You Know?

That yogurt helps promote fresh breath?
A recent study found that one serving of yogurt each day, reduces the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in the mouth and cuts back on bacteria like plaque and gum disease. The American Dietetic Association (ADA) suggests that vitamin D from yogurt creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth. Only active yogurts without processed sugar-added varieties will do the trick.

What is "active/live" yogurt? Live yogurt, which contains active bacteria, is most often used therapeutically, and should be eaten to increase the healthy bacterial in the body, to help it fight infection.

Specifically, you are interested in yogurts that contain the live cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus. There may be two or three other types of live cultures, but these are the most common and easiest to assimilate for most people.

Yogurt does not only promote fresh breath, but also healthy skin.

Yogurt for Beauty

On the beauty front, natural yogurt makes an excellent facial cleanser and moisturizer. Apply it to the skin with cotton wool as you would a commercial product.

mmmm....tasty facial!!!


7 Years Ago Today

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez died in a car crash in Honduras.


Male Stalker Attacks Jamie

Jamie Foxx was apparently stalked and nearly attacked during his stay at the AKA Hotel in Rittenhouse Square on March 22. A 49-year old man by the name of Taliver tricked Foxx into believing he was a producer for singer Beyonce Knowles.

The crazed gentleman tried to force his way into Foxx's hotel room, but Jamie overpowered him and slammed the door in his face. Jamie called for hotel security, but no one took his cry for help serious. The man tried several times to enter Jamie's room, but was unsucessful.

During his last attempt, Taliver went back to the hotel dressed as a deliver man, but was siezed by Jamie's under cover security guards. Taliver is currently in police custody and serving 60 days in a mental institution.

Why I love Beyoncé

Watch Beyoncé perform "Halo" on the David Letterman. There's no wonder why she's the baddest chick in the game!


Tea Anyone?

For some strange reason, Lady GaGa has been walking the streets with a tea-cup and saucer.....
Spotted arriving at Radio One studios for her Live Lounge session with Jo Whiley, the insane Lady GaGa had a little trouble multitasking with all her ornaments....I'm kinda feeling her attire, but I think she looks silly hold that tea cup....I mean really...Who walks around with hot liquids? I wonder whats really in that cup!

Kamber At It Again

Kanye's advertisement for his Luis Vuitton sneakers features his number one side kick....Amber Rose. Serving the media just what it needs, something new to scrutinize, Kanye poses with his naked girlfriend. You can only imagine the buzz this photo created.

While I think its creative, its unnecessary. Did Amber really have to get naked to help Kanye sell shoes?

Guess Who?

It's my girl Chrisette Michelle.....looking fabulous with her new hair-do.....definitely feeling the new look! Get it Chris!!


Derek Blanks Got Skillz

When it comes to creative photography.....Derek Blanks wins hands down. Here's some of his Alter Ego photos that I think you might like.

Mychael Knight of Project Runway

Brian Michael Cox

Nik Pace of ANTM

Rocman Dunbar




Nudity, Classy or Tasteless?

You don't have to be a model to strip down to your bare essentials and show all your goodies. Everyone's doing it. My question is, WHY?

Is it really art/beauty or is it desperation.

Once you've revealed all your assets what's next....major roles in films or more magazine covers? I don't think so. The more I see actors and models pose nude, the more I wonder if the price was worth it.

I guess it depends on what your posing for and the message behind the picture. The most recent spread that leaves me perplexed is Sharon Leal's (Tyler Perry's wife from "Why Did I Get Married") Allure Magazine photo. Allure did a featured piece called "The Naked Truth" revealing 5 celebrities in their birth day suit. Sharon was one of the 5, and lets just say I was disappointed to see her this way.

What are your thoughts?

Ashanti's Chunky Sister

Needs to put some clothes on. I'm tired of reading blogs that are cheering Shia on for showing her gut. Is it me or does she need to EXHALE??

Remember Tweet?

If you were wondering what she's been up to, she's definitely been working on an album...but not for herself, for her 15-year old daughter, Tashawnda.

Tashawnda is not only cute, she can sing. A recent youtube clip of her and 'big brother' Genius singing Keri Hilson's new hit 'Knock You Down', proves this to be true. The duet is nicely done and demonstrates their musical ability and talent. They both have mad skillz and I look forward to hearing her album.

Apparently Tashawnda has singed with Umbrella/Universal Records and is expecting to drop her first single soon. Keep a look out for this one...she's up and coming!!!


Cassie Shaves.....

....Half her head...and I'm not sure how I feel about it.....but it's definitely funky fresh!!!


Mocha Hut Closed for Good

For all my DC poets and open mic fanatics, I'm sorry to announce that Mocha Hut is closed for good.

Owners closed its doors early March due to financial issues, and is expected to turn the building over to Brian and Jim Sullivan this month.

According to the The Washington Business Journal the new business will be called "U Street Cafe." Which will still be a coffee shop-like environment, however customers are hoping the food and atmosphere to will compare to that of the Mocha Hut.

Known for its southern style breakfast and Thursday night poetry and open mic, Mocha Hut was truly one of a kind. The atmosphere, people, food and entertainment was awesome. It's too bad finances didn't reflect the love people had for the establishment.

If you're looking for another place to have a good cup of coffee, tasty food and poetry, try BusBoys & Poets or Café St. Ex.

Janet is that You?

Amber Tired of Kanye???

Kanye and Amber Rose may be over according to a Baller Alert message boards.

“A friend of mine in Philly is friends with Miss Amber and claims that Amber is tired of Kanye. She says that Kanye calls her looking for Amber when he can’t reach her himself. My friend says that Amber says there is no more chase. Kanye tells Amber how many girls would die to be in her place and tells her to do this and that. She also says Kanye wakes Amber up and says, ‘I’m ready to have sex.’”

Come on now Amber...what did you expect? With all the money, clothes, and trips Kanye was lacing you with, what did you think he wanted in return? Company?

You need to give it up or get out. Earn your keep boo....but we know what the real problem is...Amber's not into men......we know what she likes.....

Nina Sky Back on the Scene

With a new track "On some Bullshit".....this is the first single off the ladies new album "The Musical." The song is hot....something to get you ready for warm weather, open toes shoes and pomp pomp shorts. Check out the video below!


Is it Love or Pitty??

I'm sure you've heard that Jennifer Hudson is getting married to David Otunga, aka "Punk" from "I love New York." How do you feel about that?Not that it's any of my business, but I can't help but wonder if David is really in love with Jennifer to the point of marriage, or is he helping her fill the void of her lost loved ones? It seems like the two have been dating a little over a year now and are ready to jump the broom. Why so soon???

I don't think getting married should be the next move in Jennifer's life right now. I'm sure "Punk's" a great guy, but there's no need to rush. I feel like he's trapped in her fairytale, and after being by her side through the tragic death of her relatives, it would be hard/impossible for him to move on without feeling guilty. Poor guy!!!

Regardless I wish them much success and happiness. I pray their marriage will stand the test of time. I hope it's true love Jenni..... Congrats!!

Rhianna and Mom Dukes

Spotted at Barbados International Airport. Up until now I have never seen or heard of Rhianna's mom. Happy to finally see the creator of this Barbadian beauty. Rhianna looks much like her father, but you can definitely see the resemblance between her and her mother.


Will Chris Do Time?

Chris Brown entered his "Not Guilty" plea yesterday but rumors are circulating that the young star may enter a plea agreement that requires "some jail time."

Story developing.......

Wellness Tip of the Day!!

Check out the National Weight Control Registry ( to find out about people who have maintained at least a 30-pound weight loss for one year. There is variety in how NWCR members keep the weight off. Most report continuing to maintain a low-calorie, low-fat diet and doing high levels of activity. On average, 90 percent exercise about one hour per day; 78 percent eat breakfast every day; 75 percent weigh themselves at least once a week; and 62 percent watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.


Mel B's In Vegas!!!

If you thought she was sitting around waiting for child support checks from Eddie, you were wrong. The former Spicy Girl, Mel B, has reinvented herself as a burlesque dancer in Las Vegas. Here are a few pictures from her debut performance this past month. If you happen to be in Vegas make sure you drop by Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino for Mel B's peep show.

I don't know about you, but this picture makes me wanna run a mile and fast for two weeks. Mel B has one of the hottest bodies in the industry. There's no wonder why Eddie couldn't resist!!

Look Who's Pregnant

Ticha Cambell-Martin.

Congrats to the lovely actress. I hope this news will dispell any myths about hubby Duanne Martin being gay....(maybe).

But any who I wish them both success!!!

Settle For Less - Or Be Alone

I found this article on one of my favorite sites, Necole and had to share it.

The article features a comment made by a black man, in response to a Black woman's thought on 'Settling for Less or Being Alone." Read below to see what he had to say:

"Bottom line-if I sleep with a woman I don’t know or care about SEX is NOT going to make me care. That kind of sex is like scratching an itch. Once a man scratches, he’s through. He ain’t sitting around thinking about that spot that itched or how good it felt scratching it. He’s moving on with his life until that spot itches again and it don’t matter which hand he scratches it with, just as long as he gets rid of the itch.

Too many women PRETEND they can handle a sexual fling, but wind up getting caught up and wanting us to romance and wine and dine them and pretend we’re having a “relationship” when it’s NOTHING but a boooty call. Come on, ladies, y’all know I’m telling the truth.

Unfortunately, ladies, you are part of our problem. You sleep with us BEFORE you know us or what we’re about. Having sex with a man does not automatically make that a “relationship”. Many women will deny they think like this but I’m speaking from personal experience. Also, ladies know when their men are fooling around and still turn a blind eye by getting mad at the other woman. Now what kind of sense does that make? Why should that woman make YOU(a total stranger) a priority in her life? IF HE DID NOT MARRY YOU HE IS STILL SINGLE. The “other woman” is not breaking up a “happy home”.

Many women marry men who were cheating BEFORE they walked down the aisle and then are SHOCKED that a fancy wedding dress or an expensive walk down the aisle didn’t change who he was. Why should he change? YOU let him know it was acceptable by sticking around that long.

Ladies, start living with your eyes OPEN. Most shady men give themselves away one way or another, usually before the first 30 days. Women have to stop “rewarding” unfaithful men by pretending it ain’t happening. All of us Black Men (BM) do not cheat. I do not cheat on my lady so don’t buy the hype. I know other BM who do not but many men WILL cheat if there are NO real penalties for it.

Stop jumping into bed with brothers YOU DON’T KNOW. That means fewer opportunities for men to cheat. Women have to STOP being so afraid to ask the important questions that would reveal his TRUE lifestyle.

Worry LESS about what kind of job he has and what kind of car he drives and encourage him to talk about his past, particularly his past with women. OPEN those ears and listen. Does he put down his ex-women and blame them for everything? And don’t be so vain. You are NOT a better woman than his last. If he dogged her out, you will probably be NEXT.

Observe him when you are with him. Do you have his home number? Work number? Have you seen where he lives? Where he works? Is he secretive? Did you ask if he’s married or engaged? How does he treat other people? Listen to what he says, NOT what you want to hear. Stop INTERPRETING the meaning of what he says to fit your purposes.

If he says, “I’m not lookin’ for nothing right now” - DON’T tell yourself, “Aw, he just scared of getting hurt. I can change his mind..” NO YOU CAN’T. He said exactly what the hell he meant. BM don’t have to lie when so many BW are already DEAF.

If you can’t answer BASIC questions about a man DON’T OPEN YOUR LEGS. I could kinda understand back in the days when sex wouldn’t KILL people but now? There’s no excuse and if a BW takes that huge risk of sleeping with a STRANGER then she better protect herself - sexually AND emotionally.

Show our d*ck to the door if we pressure you for sex too soon. Don’t be afraid to be alone. After you give our d*ck some you will probably be alone anyway but now you feel like a fool. In other words, take your time and check us out. If we REALLY like you, we’ll stick around. BUT if you decided to sleep with a man you hardly know, PROTECT yourself and keep your expectations to ZERO. We do not owe you a relationship or another date just because you had sex with us. That’s not how it works, baby

You are TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for your own sexual behavior the same as I am. Blaming the man won’t change a damn thing. BW have to look in the mirror and take SOME of the blame for what’s wrong with BM/BW relationships. Let me end by saying….



So ladies...what are your thoughts?


King Magazine's Final Issue

Sorry fellas.....after April 21, you'll have to look elsewhere for fat booties and tig o' bitties.....King Magazine will release it's last issue later this month. Rumors are, that Joe Budden's girlfriend, Tahiry will be the lucky lady to grace the cover....
If you're a fan of King Magazine I'm sure you'll agree that one of the best cover pictures was my girl Stacy Dash........At age 42, I hope I look like this!!! Work it Stacy!!

Love * Sex* and Ciara

I knew Ciara was a freak when she came out with her first single "Goodies," and if dating 50 cent didn't confirm it, this video will.

Cici dropped her second single, "Love, Sex and Magic," featuring Justin Timberlake, and let's just say she brought sex back.....The video left me speechless....I wonder how 50 felt about it.

Anyway there's been several comments about the video and how Justin has once again objectified a black woman. One of my favorite sites Soul Bounce posted an article recently questioning how Justin Timberlake can still objectify Black Women and get away with it.

"It’s not even his song but in the video he’s in the opening scene, pulling on a chained Ciara. Whenever the two are interacting she is doing all kinds of sexy acrobatics for him–crawling over him, stick out her ass for him to lean on, bumping him with her breasts–but he can barely be bothered to look her in the face half of the time…and he’s on screen a lot. She looks desparate, and he looks like a pimp. As the video progresses and their roles become more evident it gets more disgusting."

I'm not sure how to feel about it, although I don't understand the logic behind the video. If you've seen it, let me know your thoughts on it....Is Justin crossing major lines here?

Amber lookin chick...

Christina Milian doesn't look so bad after all. The more I look at her the more she reminds me of Kanye's new boo, Amber Rose. Although she looks much better with darker hair, I'm kinda feeling her new look and give her much props for trying something different.

While the diva struts her stuff next to her hunny 'The Dream,' I can't help but wonder if she's really into HIM or his money. The two became an item (despite their comments to the media) a short while before he dropped his second album "Love vs. Money," and before she flopped her second album "Dream in Color."
Not sure what the dynamic is here, but its definitely an odd couple. Hopefully Milian is using Dream for his music rather his money, because her career could surely use a boost. Either way I wish them well, and I hope Milian runs a jet black rinse through that head....