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Reverend Sharpton Defends Joe Jackson

Many people were obviously outraged by Joe Jackson's response to questions asked during his interview with he and Al Sharpton held a press conference to clean up any confusion behind Joe's intentions. Watch the video below...

Be Thankful....

for the many blessings you take for granted. The blessing of life, family, health and love.

It's so easy to focus on things we wish were 'better' or things that aren't going right in our lives....but what about the things that are?

Today you were blessed with another day...a second fulfill your purpose here on this earth. Don't let minor mishaps distract you from being blessed. There are so many people suffering in this many people that don't have the BASIC necessities to make it from day to thankful that's not your situation.

No matter the circumstance or issues you face..understand the lesson that is be learned. With every bad comes good....when one door closes another one opens....and once you change your perspective to see the good in every situation, you'll notice a change in the way certain things affect you.

Don't let the many tests and trials in life defeat you. know that you are blessed and be a blessing onto others!!!


CNN Interviews Jackson's Father.....

....and you won't believe the words that came out of his mouth. He could barely utter two sentence about Michael without having someone speak on his behalf...and to make matters worse he used his few seconds of attention to promote his new record company.....what a shame!!

Ciara Can Actually Sing!!!!!

Ciara poured every ounce of vocal ability she had out on stage last night when she performed "Heal the World."

Took me by surprise because I didn't think she could hold a note longer than 5 seconds......but she did really good! If you missed her performance, you might want to see this one....I doubt there will be many opportunities or us to see her sitting still....singing a song.

Get it Ci Ci!!!

Jay Z Video Premier "Death of Auto-Tune"

I have to admit that I wasn't feeling this song at first....but now it's starting to grow on me!!



I was devastated when I received the news that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was dead. I still can't believe its true and find myself at a loss of words. Looking back on his life...his many contributions...there's so much to be said....Where do I begin......

Do You Fear Success or Failure??

I was listening to Oprah on XM Radio and her guest Gay Hendricks, was discussing some interesting topics about success, fears, finances and relationships.

He talked about how people never really achieve their full potential, because they are either afraid of succeeding or afraid of failing and being a burden on themselves or others. Many of us stay in relationships and work environments for this very reason. We feel trapped in our situation and don't see the opportunities or options we have to improve or change them.

Whether its a relationship that's no longer worth holding on to, or a job that your not happy with, now is the time to make a change. Your life doesn't have to be in despair, conquer your fears and take your life to the next level. Step in your "zone of genius" and change your state of mind. Find what it is that makes you happy and fulfills your purpose or desires in life. Step out of the zone of incompetence and worrisome feelings of the "unknown." Your blessings are right around the corner...the only way you'll find them is by stepping out on faith.

Stop walking in circles....take control of your situation and make a difference in your life by uncovering the shield to happiness and fulfillment. Read Gay Hendricks book "Making the Big Leap," I've read a few pages and have truly been inspired. I hope it does the same for you!!


Real Men Stand Up!!

Little boys take notes.....

Most males I would classify as a little boy probably won't read this, because they don't read much as it is...but if you know someone that could benefit from this message please share.

Lesson #1 - if you are still rocking cornrows...please hand me your comb and let me smack you with it....Cornrows are PLAYED OUT....if you don't have dreads (which I'm getting tired of seeing as well) or on your way to dreads....get a hair cut. If I see another grown azz man walking around with six braids down his head I'm going to scream.

#2 - That gangsta ish ain't cool, especially when your over 21. The sagging jeans and big tee's with hoodtastic logos are a big NO NO!!! No real woman would ever want to date a man that thinks it's cool to walk around with guns on his shirt or his boxers showing. Do yourself a favor and trade in your hood gear for some slacks and a button up!!

#3- Foul language is not attractive...A man with a potty mouth usually has a lot to say but nothing of substance. If you can't say three sentences without cursing then you need to pick up a book and educate yourself. Besides any man that uses a lot of profanity in the presence of a lady doesn't respect her or himself.

#4 - Don't let it go to your head....just because you went to school, drive a decent car and don't have a bunch of babies running around...doesn't mean your God's gift to women. I'm tired of meeting brothas that think they're the only man that got their life on track...don't get me wrong...I applaud your accomplishments, but not your arrogance. Stay humble and put your knowledge to good use.

Last but not least....

#5 - Stop making honest with yourself and others. If you don't want to do something, say it...If you don't mean it...don't say can avoid a lot of nonsense by being upfront in the beginning. Playing games only breaks hearts...and if you think its fun breaking hearts...wait your me its coming.

Is Chivalry Dead?

A message from a brotha......discussing relationships and why women make bad discussions in men. His article speaks the truth on many levels and hopefully someone will read this and take something from it. While I think his perspective is one-sided....majority of it is true. I could rant and rave about how I think men contribute to the "good/bad guy sydrome" but I'll save that for another post..

Words from Chyone Micah:


The reason men don’t court women and take them out is because now a days men don’t have to, many women will fuck a guy just because he has swag and/ or if she thinks he’s attractive or ridiculously good looking, and this type of woman will let him get the ass with putting little to no work in at all, but on the other hand the good guy who actually treats the woman likes she’s worth something and takes her out on dinners and dates and courts her she usually makes him put in a lot of work in to get the ass if she lets him get any at all. And of course when the good guy calls her on it or tries to get a little physical she is gonna hit him with the "is sex all you wanted from me." Many women don’t have morals they just draw lines in the sand and apply there morals standards as they go and use them interchangeably, so basically saying the rules and morals that woman have doesn’t apply to every guy the same way, for instance a woman might always say she makes guys wait a few weeks to a month if she has sex with him but not before he takes her out on a few dates before she decides to have sex with him if she decides to have sex with him, but yet she may see a guy she is very attracted to, and let him get it the first nite or second nite and more then likely she didn’t make the guy put work in at all, but comes another guy that wants to treat her right and treat her like the beautiful queen he “thinks” she is, and more then likely she will apply her rule to him with him not getting any ass at all and yet again another good man has wasted his time and money on a woman who didn’t appreciate the way he treated her or the things he did, You hear many women complain and say that guys don’t want to take women out and cater to them and court them any more, my question is every guy aint have to take her out court her and cater to her to fuck so why should he? Why do women apply there rules and morals to some guys and not all? and when the good men actually try to treat her right she goes for the dudes with swag, the guy with edge or the bad boy type that doesn’t really care about her at all, but yet attaches herself to these bad men., most men are this simple what ever they see thats getting the pussy and getting all the women that’s what they are going to do and try to imitate, so if men see the guys who are pieces of shit and the lil wayne, and, 50 cent types of guys that’s getting all the play from women and the pussy that’s what they are going to do and try to be like that.


In public discourse there is a controversy regarding women and men, particularly black women and men, The nice guy syndrome view is although women often portray themselves towards good men men as the men of there dreams and wanting to date them, the nice guys stereotype contends that when those exact same women are actually presented with a choice between dating such a nice guy and an unkind immature uneducated, arrogant criminialish thug, (aka bad boys, guys with swag, ballers, playa types, they hypocritically reject and dog out and/or friend zone the nice guy (aka good man) in favor of his so called swaggish gansta competitor. The woman will always kindly and sweetly tell the good man that hes sweet and kind and yet always turns him down.


Now we come to the point where you may hear the counter argument from women that those are only little girls that do that and not real women, and let me be very clear there is a very thin line between a real woman and a woman who acts like a little girl and more then likely that woman who says she is a real woman and doesn’t act like a little girl has or still is doing things that are little girl like and more then likely can not define what a real woman is, they just say it cause it sounds good. Many women dont throw themselves in the mold of acting like a little girl and automatically put themselves in a category of being "real women" and fellas we all know that women are notorious for not taking accountability for the bad decisions they make and do when in reference in dealing with men and relationships."



Remember Dave Hollister? Where's he hiding these days? Someone needs to drag him out from the shadows and into the studio to record a new album. I love his music. Here's one of my favorite songs by Dave, "One Woman Man." Take notes fellas....

Chris & Rhianna Case Closed

After several months of the ongoing saga between Chris and Rhianna it is FINALLY over.

Yesterday Chris plead guilty to one count of felony assault and will spend the next 180 days doing community labor. He’ll do his service in Virginia which is where he lives. His duties will include: picking up trash, pulling weeds and washing fire trucks (beats going to jail)!!!

Chris gets 5 years supervised probation for the FELONY assault. He’ll have quarterly court visits in addition to enrolling in a domestic violence counseling program.

The judge has also ordered that Brown stay 50*-yards away from Rihanna, but should they appear at the same public events, the 50 yards reduces to 10 yards. If Brown violates his probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.

Now that Brown is a convicted FELON, he lost the right to vote or carry a gun....What a shame!!!

TMZ has clips from the courtroom. Click below to watch.

Kelly Climbs the Charts....

to the number one spot in the U.K. with her new single "Love Takes Over" featuring French DJ, David Guetta. I'm so happy for Kelly....I guess dropping Mathew Knowles as her manager was a smart move.

Out from the shadows of Beyoncé, Kelly has stepped into her own, setting the pace and doing things her way.

Entering a new chapter in her career has definitely had an impact on her music as "Love Takes Over" steps away from Kelly's traditional style. I guess she won't be competing against Beyoncé......Anywho....

Kelly appears to be in a happy place, and it shows. While she's always been a star performer, you can see and hear the growth in her ability when she hits the stage. Watch her performance from last night's French Bonanza.

I can only imagine how she felt being in a French speaking environment......and she doesn't speak French. It's written all over her face....but she plays it off well.


Need a Ride?

I know I do, but I won't be going this route to get one......

Couldn't believe my eyes on the way to work this morning when I saw this man hitch-hiking. Do people still do that? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get where you need to go!

I hope he made it to his destination safely. Hitch-hiking in Fairfax County isn't the best idea. Hopefully someone picked him up before the 'boys' did. Would hate to see a brother go down for sticking his hand out.


Get Government Alerts

Stay ahead of the news and subscribe to receive real-time emergency messages via web or text. From weather warnings, Amber alters and terror attacks, get the news before it gets you.

Being proactive instead of reactive can save you not only money but your life. Click here to get emergency alerts nation wide and/or in your area.

Buying a Car?

Skip Carmax and other expensive dealers and begin your search on

Kelly Blue Book is truly "The Trusted Resource" when it comes to pricing vehicles in your area. You'll be surprised to find barely used to new vehicles in a price range that competitors don't want you to know about. Including information on vehicle resale value and much more.

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What does Diddy See in Cassie??

Cassie embarrasses herself yet again....

After shaving her head and posting nudes pics of herself Cassie gets punked by Philly's radio host Charlamagne.

A recent visit to 100.3 The Beat , revealed some pretty interesting things about Cassie's character. Soft spoken, confused
and ignorant...... to name a few.

When asked questions about her recent activity in the media, all Cassie could say was "You Don't Know Me".......which only made matters worse. When asked to tell who "Cassie" was, all she talked about was her album, and that was the beginning and end of "Cassie"........Talk about not representing themselves well.

I didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for Cassie.....granted, Charlamagne was a bit aggressive, but Cassie should have done a better job of defending herself. Didn't someone brief her before the interview?

Her response to the comments didn't sound like someone who was strong, independent, or ready to answer questions about embarrassing topics.
All of this made me wonder, how can Diddy take this girl seriously? Outside of being gorgeous, what does she have to offer?

You be the judge, listen to the interview and tell me what you think!

LOLA Monroe - Bump it or Dump it?

Angel Lola Luv's mix tape "Boss Bitch's World" dropped recently and after listening to a few samples I'm not sure how I feel about it.

While she's obviously no Lil Kim or Eve, Ms. Monroe surprisingly has some skillz. Rapping over one of my favorite Biggie tracks "What's Beef," the video vixen gets it in.

A behind the scenes interview with KooKoutKris, shows Ms. Monroe recording in the studio. Take a look at the clip and let me know what you think. Is LoLa the next hot female rapper?


Oprah Talks about Relationships

Statistics show that 70% of African American women are single. Why is that?

Some say: 40% of black men are gay 25% in jail and the another 30% are ignorant. Most men say 70% of black women have 5 children, three different baby fathers, educated, lesbians, divorced or widowed (ouch). Either way, what's the cause and what can "we" (both men and women? do about it?

Here's what Oprah had to say:

R. Kelly: Catch a Predator Official Video

Most Disturbing Brawl EVER!!!

The uncut version of this horrific fight was removed due to legal issue, but the following news report shows the main highlights of the video.

See what happens when you run your mouth? Apparently the stylist told one of her client that her man was cheating on her with another client and when the news got back to the jump-off, she responded with violence. This is probably the worst fight I've ever seen. I hate to see someone so defenseless........

What can we learn from this video? Let's see....

1) If you're out numbered, pick-up a weapon (of some sort) and use it.

2) If your in a hair/headlock and your arms are free, there are a few things you can do.
a. Rush the person holding you and push them into something (they're facing you, so
only you can see what's behind them)
b. If the person holding you raises their leg to kick you, grab it and kick the other
leg as hard as you can. (This should knock them down for sure, since they're only
standing on one leg)

3) Don't try to reason with your attacker....get the hell out of dodge. Don't stand in one place,
keep moving or run if you can.

4) Block your face from getting hit. Never stand open when your attacker is near you..keep
your guard up.

5) Call the police. Grab your phone, dial 9-1-1 and let the phone sit while you fight your
attacker (s) and scream for help.

I know this is easier said than done, but do what you can to protect and defend yourself. It's sad knowing that things like this happen everyday. Don't let it happen to you!!!!

LaLa Pulls a Cassie

and saves one side of her head.

What a hot look....I LOVE IT!!!!


Myspace Tribute - Jon Jon

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite faces on myspace, "Jon Jon." This young man is so talented, I swear I'd give my last dollar to see him make it in the industry. I fell in love with him when I stumbled across his rendition of John Legend's "Again" on YouTube.

I was so impressed by him, that I've been following him ever since. I can't believe he hasn't been signed to a major music label by now....he definitely has a fan base and is truly gifted. Check out some of his music on his Myspace page and on Youtube. Leave comments and support the young star.

Summer's Eve Feminine Wash

Believe it or not, many women have not been introduced to Summer's Eve Feminine Wash. After having several conversations with girlfriends that either didn't know about it or wasn't using the product, I had to Blog about it.

Summer's Eve is a specially formulated feminine wash that cleans odor causing bacteria from your most important intimate areas. Talk about feeling fresh and clean all day. Tradition soaps can't compare and shouldn't be used.

Studies have shown that chemicals and perfumes in bar and liquid soaps can irritate or cause an imbalance in vaginal acidity, thus promoting yeast infections. Using unscented, hypoallergenic alternatives (often marked "for sensitive skin") will prevent these infections from occurring. Whether your experiencing yeast infections or not, I strongly recommend using Summer's me, you'll LOVE it.

Is Your Sex Game Right??

This question is for my ladies.....especially the ones who think their sex game is on point. Are you giving your man the Business??? Not that its any of MY business, but ask yourself..

Do you keep the bedroom action spicy, or icy?

First and foremost ladies, if you can't "whine your waistline" then girlfriend you are in trouble..trouble....If your man hasn't already stepped out on you, then trust me...he will soon. And if you don't have a man..then hopefully now you know why.

Don't is on the way..only if your open for suggestions. I'm sure your man will be pleased...

For your convenience I've posted a video that you can use as your guide to becoming better at what you do. Watch it, practice it, watch it and practice again!!! If you can't get with it then maybe you need special attention that only private lessons can handle. Sorry boo!!

But for all my other the damn thang!!!! I hope this helps you take it to the next level.

Now for my sexy mama's that already know the deal, I got something for you too, but you'll have to stick around to see while I get our slackers up to date!!

Remember, practice safe sex. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Use Condoms!!


She's Back.....

Amerie is back on the scene, but I don't think she's packing enough heat to compete with industry bad girlz. Her new single “Why R U” premiered on 106 and Park yesterday, but its nothing to scream about. The song reminds me alot of her first single "Why Don't We." She definitely looks fabulous (as always) but that's not going to get her far (as Christina Milian has shown). Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.


The Feel Good Condom

Do you enjoy using condoms? For health reasons I hope you answered yes, but if your like millions of other Americans you would probably say 'No.'

Most people don't like condoms because they don't feel good. Nothing compares to the sensation of skin on skin contact.....which is why many people have sex without them despite grave consequences.

Well Scoop and Shanda from have a solution to help you and your lover find pleasure in using condoms. Take a look at the video just might save your life.

Respect yourself, protect yourself, Use Condoms!

Lady Gaga Is Off the Hook!!!

This chick is weird, but I love her.....I admire her free spirit, love for music and her overall outlook on men and relationships. Her direct/insensitive nature compliments her complex personality and creative style. I think she's the feminist icon of 2009.

Summer is Here Ladies......

....whether you're in a two piece or enjoying the taste of one, LOVE yourself the way you are. That doesn't mean, rock a two piece when you need a five piece...
It means be more concerned about your health, rather than your size. A healthy diet and lifestyle will get you where you where you want to be....... besides if a few extra pounds keeps "him" from loving you...then you don't want him anyway!!!

Usher's Single?

By the looks of this picture, I would say so.

Nothing SCREAMS infidelity like a married man that's not wearing his wedding ring. The huge grin on Usher's face, looks as if he just won a divorce battle that left wifey Tameka broke with full custody of their children.

Word on the street is that Usher is working on a new album, titled "Monster," which is supposed to stab at Tameka's aggressive personality. It wouldn't surprise me if that were true, Usher seems like the type of dude to put his woman on blast, look how he did Chilli!

Anyway, hopefully this album will do better than the last. It sounds like a Confessions part 3....looking forward to hearing the first single.

T-Pain Shows Respect for Rapper Dolla

Remember this song? Dolla featuring T-Pain "Who The Fuck Is That?"

Well the young rapper, Dolla, whose real name is Roderick Anthony Burton II, was murdered last month in an L.A. shopping mall. His alleged killer, Aubrey Louis Berry was apprehended shortly after the shooting and remains in police custody on a 1$ million bail.

To commemorate the life of the Atlanta rapper, T-Pain had Dolla's picture painted on his 1972 Chevy Chevelle. Apparently the two where pretty close...sources say T-Pain refereed to Dolla as his "Best Friend."

R.I.P Roderick

You Know Your Ghetto...

...when you take pictures like this:
I don't know who said it was cute to pose with your middle finger out and the crack of your azz showing, but it's tacky and hoodtastic (shout out to Kristin).

I'm so over girls on Myspace that post pictures like this and wonder why men don't respect them.....Over it!!!!

Okay Mel B., That's Enough!!!

I think she's reached a plateau, cause if she looses any more weight and gains anymore muscle mass I'll have to call her MELVIN, instead of Mel B.

She is definitely killing it....I'm sure Eddie Murphy is kicking himself in the azz.....what a way to tell your Ex...F*ck You, then to cash in on his duckets and prance around in bikini's with a killer body like this...I love it!!

J Hud @ 7 Months

Jennifer Hudson and her soon-to-be hubby, "Punk," was spotted leaving KFC the other day. It looks like they might be having twins, Punk's belly looks just as big as Jennifer's.....(Must be the new grilled chicken)

Happy to see them hanging strong. Congrats!!