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Oprah Talks about Relationships

Statistics show that 70% of African American women are single. Why is that?

Some say: 40% of black men are gay 25% in jail and the another 30% are ignorant. Most men say 70% of black women have 5 children, three different baby fathers, educated, lesbians, divorced or widowed (ouch). Either way, what's the cause and what can "we" (both men and women? do about it?

Here's what Oprah had to say:


Big Sis said...

Yeah i've seen this topic poppin up over FB and myspace, etc. i guess my final statement would be instead of us asking why are 70% of us single- lets say- Why Not 70% of us be single.. instead of making it like it's a 'bad' thing that we are single i say 70% of women got good sense and realize they dont have to have a man to complete them or give them identity! :-)