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9-Year Old Leads Police Chase

Greenfield police called for back up Saturday night to chase down what they thought was a drunk driver....after a half hour chase, down the wrong side of the highway, officers found a 9-year-old boy behind the wheel.

Apparently the little knuckle head was mad at his parents for making him come inside from playing with friends. So he stole his mothers' car keys and decided to run away. Police officers used a stop strip to lure the car off the road and into a ditch. The little boy suffered no injuries and was returned home to his parents after a medical examination.

I don't know how his parents reacted...but I know if that were me, there would have been a follow-up story with a 911 call of me begging the police to stop my mother from beating me to death.

The kids these days are reckless. I would never have the courage to do half the crimes they commit....come on parents..STAND UP!! If your child doesn't fear YOU..then he won't fear or respect anything or anyone.

Love In This World

I desire a love that doesn't exist in THIS world.

Someone who stands strong by their decisions, powerful but gentle with their words. Selfless and genuine....with a swaggar that doesn't require designer items or expensive toys. Someone who compliments me and my qualities, ambition and faith. A man that is honest...caring and willing to make the necessary sacrifices for his family. One that is not afraid or embarrassed to express his feelings, and never too proud to admit when he's wrong.

I desire a love that doesn't exist in THIS world.

Someone who is not easily moved by material gains or defeated by lust and beautiful women. A man that is humble, thoughtful, compassionate and understanding. One that knows the true meaning of LOVE.



From Hollywood to the hood, Dru Hill is no more good!

If you're wondering where Dru Hill has been hiding, look no further, you can catch them in Baltimore today, at the "Cricket Wireless" store in the Westside shopping center at Frederick Ave.

Yes you read it right....the Cricket Wireless is where they will be making a guest appearance (big things poppin!!)

I've been following Sisqo on Twitter, as I do many celebs, and couldn't help but notice that he was promoting Dru Hill's public appearance in B-more. I thought to myself, "wow....are they coming out with a new album?" NOT!! Besides even if they did, would anyone buy it? Maybe a few!!

I didn't mean to be a jerk (sike), but I told Sisqo that he and Dru Hill should "give it up." Surprisingly enough, I got a response back from him and a few of his groupies....


Ignorance begets Ignorance

On the way home from work today, I pulled up behind a vehicle that had "Obama lies, Granny dies" written on the back window (pictured above). I took a picture of the vehicle then pulled up next to it to ask the driver about the comment.

A middle aged white woman, driving the truck, rolled down the passenger window as I motioned for her attention. When I asked about the writing on the window, she gave me a blank stare and rolled up the window and drove off.

That wasn't quite the response I was expecting....especially from someone as expressive as she "appeared" to be...... I was curious about the message and/or reason behind the comment....but the more I thought about it, I figured...maybe SHE doesn't know what she meant by it.... just plain ignorant.

In Memory of Aaliyah

The Queen of Urban Pop, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, passed away on this day eight years ago. Leaving behind a legacy that is truly missed but never forgotten. Her presences lives through her music and influence on current artists.

Ever since her first debut album "Age Aint Nothing But a Number," Aaliyah made a indelible mark in the industry. She made the tomboy look sexy because all of the girls wanted to rock belly shirts with boxers and baggy jeans.....and we can't forget the infamous swoop!

Aaliyah's voice and personality touched the hearts of many. Her passing was a huge loss to those that loved her most........ we miss you Aaliyah......R.I.P

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Green Bay Wisconsin Hires First Black Officer

It's been over 152 years since Green Bay Wisconsin had a black officer on its police force. Today, they welcome Solomon Ayres, pictured left, with wife. The police department has 177 sworn officers, that includes 15 women, four American Indians or Alaskan natives and one Hispanic.

Ayres will start the first phase of a 17-week training program this week. According to, Ayres "expects some resistance from both black and white residents but thinks his life experiences will help defuse difficult situations."

I'm sure he's faced a lot of opposition considering the fact that minorities make up only 17 percent of Green Bay's over 98,000 people...and that fact that his wife is white. I wonder if that had an affect on him being accepted onto the Green Bay police force, and what his experience will be like moving forward.

Caster Semenya: Definitely a Dude

After viewing this video...I don't think I need test results to convince me that Caster is indeed a man. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think!

Sperm Cures Acne and Wrinkles??

A Norwegian company, Bioforskning, has a new remedy to cure your unwanted acne and aged wrinkles!

Apparently, there's a substance called spermine (yes, discovered in human sperm) that is said to be a powerful anti-oxidant used to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles by smoothing the skin.

Bioforskning, is synthesizing the substance in laboratories and selling it. Spas such as Townhouse Spa and Graceful Services in New York are offering sperm-based facials for a whopping $250.

Tell me would you pay $250 for a sperm-based facial? Especially when you can get sperm for free....hollar at your husbands and boy toys ladies!!


Breaking the Cycle

How do you break the cycle of giving to those that are not worthy to receive?

Ever since I walked in the doors of television/radio, I've learned so much about the business and the way people use each other to selfishly climb the later of success. I can truly say that I've learned the meaning of "It's not what you know, it's who you know." It never ceases to amaze me, how people can be so unethical, selfish and cruel.

I find it difficult, at times, to decipher between the "bad apples" from the good ones. My vision gets cloudy the more I see the "good apples" turn rotten. I stay in constant prayer to stay humble, helpful and giving despite my experiences....but I can't help but notice a change.

How can one break the cycle of giving without changing themselves?


Man or Woman?

South African track star, Caster Semenya, looked rather manly in photos taken during her win at the Women's 800-Meters World Championships in Berlin. Aside from her completing the race in 1 minute, (the best time in the world this year) there's no wonder why the International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF, are skeptical of his/her gender.

I don't know about you, but I don't know of ANY females that look this masculine....even the most masculine looking body builder has a touch of femininity........(maybe a little)


Meet Your Meat

I seen the most disturbing video on TV undercover investigation by The United States Humane Society, revealed widespread mistreatment of "downed" dairy cows (those who are too sick or injured to walk) at a Southern California slaughter plant (one of the largest beef suppliers in the United States).

The video shows cows being beaten, dragged by their legs and dumped into trucks. But that's not it....these sickly, disease inflicted cows are being auctioned off and sold to be slaughtered and packaged for YOU to buy.

Its amazing how people can be so cruel...not only to the animals, but to consumers. Its insane to think companies would comprise the health of the people, to make a few bucks....It's insane, unethical and illegal. Why are they getting away with such cruelty? This video began circulating in January of 2008 and while it prompted a huge investigations, this company is still in business...unbelievable

After viewing this monstrosity, I've have decided to cut all meats (excluding fish) from my diet. More so for health reasons, but also because of the animals. Can you imagine how many people are suffering today as a result of eating beef and other meat that come from slaughter plants like this? Maybe this clip will help you reconsider ordering that double bacon cheeseburger, and make a more safe and healthy choice.

*This video contains highly graphic footage

R-Keri Babe

R. Kelly and Keri Hilson join forces on a new song called "Number One" which will be featured on R. Kelly's ninth album, "Untitled," due is stores September 29th.

The song is alright.....I feel uneasy about Kells and Keri together especially since the song is talking about sex. R. Kelly's history with young women doesn't make this a good look for Keri and I think they should have done a different song, something more upbeat and for the club.

Anywho..the video was well done, I like how they featured DJ's and landmarks from both Keri and Kelly's hometown, and how they creatively incorporated a tribute to Micheal Jackson. Both Keri and Kelly wore specially made jackets that have Michael’s trademark sparkling effect....real classy...and R.Kelly finally cut his hair. Check it out!


60 Minutes Interviews Michael Vick

Michael Vick poured his heart out during an interview with James Brown on 60 Minutes. Discussing his behavior and involvement in the dog fighting ring that lead him to loose a $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons and spend nearly two years behind bars....listen to what Vick had to say:

Watch CBS Videos Online


Your Vaginal Health

Believe it or not, most women don't take good care of their intimate areas. Aside from getting regular check ups most women are not using the proper products to maintain a healthy discharge, vaginal strength or to prevent infections.

While I'm no gynecologist, I've done some research that can help you avoid a cooch that look like this!!!

First things first:

A healthy vagina has a special discharge that keeps it clean and lubricated and protects it from infection. Normal vaginal discharge is whitish in color and does not have a bad smell, but may have a characteristic odor that changes during the time of your menstrual cycle.

Women experiencing infection of the vagina usually notice a change in their vaginal discharge, such as the odor or consistency. Infections include yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. They are both caused by an imbalance of the organism that normally live in the vagina. This imbalance can be caused by a number of different factors, but its best to be mindful of any discomfort or change in vaginal discharge to consult your health care provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Next, Exercise.

Exercising regularly not only helps maintain your overall body strength, but also your vaginal strength. Exercising increases the blood flow to the genital which support sexual arousal and climax mechanisms. It also strengthens and tones the muscles of the vaginal canal, or the "Pubococcygeus" aka "PC" muscles.

To prevent infections, you should use mild soap externally (I always recommend Summers Eve feminine wash). Avoid using douches, strong soaps, deodorants and sprays, and never use scented tampons or feminine pads. Doctors suggests wearing cotton underwear, and refrain from wearing tight fitting clothing or panty hose for an extended period of time.

Always practice safe sex and ask your man to wash his genitals before intercourse if you're married and not using protection. Men carry bacterial on their genitals which is normal, but if not cleaned regularly, can cause yeast infections. This "good guy" bacteria is okay on him, but not inside of you!!

While this topic may be uncomfortable for some to's better to have an uncomfortable conversation than an uncomfortable infection. Speak with your primary care phycian and talk about how you can maintain your vaginal health.

The above information was provided by ARKADIA.

Birth Control for Men???

Ladies....take a break from the patch, the pill or the shot (if you get them) and make your man freeze his benefits.

Scientists studying interfile men, have identified a mutation in the gene that prevents it from producing protein that allows sperm to successfully swim to and fertilize an egg, says study author Michael Hildebrand, Ph.D. The findings have lead to the development of a male contraceptive that turns off that particular protein in fertile men to prevent the possibilities of reproduction.

The drug is said to be reversible and wouldn't alter a man's genetics, but further tests are being conducted to prove this theory. Should the male contraceptive be effective, do you think men would be open to taking it? I don't think so. Most men don't like taking pain medication as it, versus taking something that could possibly alter their sperm mobility.

I think its an awesome idea to have men bare the responsibility of birth control...God only knows what women go through emotionally and physically with birth its time for the men to take a stand.... But will they??

Brain Food

If your suffering from acute loss of memory, it may be a result of a low-carb diet.

Carb deprivation starves the brain of glucose, according to Women's Magazine co-author, Holly A. Taylor, Ph.D. Glucose is the primary energy source that nourishes the brain. Because the body doesn't store glucose, you need to get it from food daily. If your trying to loose weight and have cut carbs from your diet, try healthy alternatives that will keep your calorie intake at a minimum while incorporating the carbs you need.

Practice paring carbs with protein by trying combinations like peanut butter on an apple, cheese with whole-grain crackers or whole wheat pita with hummus. These options will help your brain function at its best without breaking the boundaries of your diet....bon appetite!!


Costco Pulls Monkey Baby From Shelves

After receiving outraged complaints about the "Lil Monkey" baby doll, Costco removed the toy from shelves in Northeast and Southeast according to The "Cuddle With Me" doll package, featured above, included a black baby doll and a plush monkey with accessories, mainly focusing on the hat the baby is wearing that reads "Lil Monkey."

Several consumers found the package to be offensive and filed a complaint with store managers and Costco's corporate office. Soon after the news hit the dolls were pulled from inventory.

The item hit shelves late last month and was exclusively sold in Costco. Interesting enough, there were also Caucasian and Hispanic versions of the doll packaged with the monkey and the same hat shown in the picture. All three versions have been pulled from shelves, but some consumers and manufactures want to know why?

Some people don't find the package offensive and can't understand why others are being so sensitive. Comments made about the issue was a little disturbing...some of which read:

User Image
Easton80 wrote:
Seriously?! I don't know what's worse... that someone was actually offended by this or that the company actually pulled all of the dolls off the shelves in all those stores (costing the company lots of money) because of one person's opinion!

If this is how absurdly sensitive our country has become, then I would like to have "Vanilla Wafers" and all "Crackers" taken off the shelves... NOW! As a white person, that offends me.

See how dumb that sounds?

User Image
roesler wrote:
They really must be ashamed of who they are; it is very evident in their reactions to basically everything.

User Image
vjnnc wrote:
This is fricken ridiculous! ENOUGH already you IDIOTS - get over it! When I say IDIOTS, I'm talking to you IDIOTS who are ALWAYS offended by something. Good GOD this is insane.
8/12/2009 6:53 PM EDT on

I really don't know how I feel about this....knowing the doll was sold in other ethnicities with the same verbiage makes me believe there was no malicious intent...but what were manufactures really thinking???

STD Rate Growing in DC Public Schools

The District of Columbia (DC) has launched a new program to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in young teens. The program will offer tests for STDs to all high school students and will use tax payer dollars to fund their treatment.

The program was conducted last year at eight DC high schools and the results concluded a significant amount of infected students. Nearly 13 percent of 3,000 tested positive for an STD, mostly gonorrhea or chlamydia, according to the D.C. Department of Health. The results are clear indicators that young teens are having unprotected sex.

In an effort to educate and prevent the spread of STDs, the program will require all high school students to attend a lecture about STDs, during which they can voluntarily provide a urine sample to be tested. All 50 states and the District of Columbia allow minors over age 12 to be screened for STDs, without parental consent, which opens the gate for controversy.

Advocates of the program give praise to the message and intent to educate and treat students with STDs, but many believe parents need to be involved.

I think the issue presents a catch 22...While I think parents should be involved and aware of their child's activities and health issues, I think allowing students confidentiality will make them more inclined to be tested and treated. I don't know which option is more beneficial to the big picture....but I must say that I'm impressed with what DC schools are doing to promote and educate students about safe sex and STDs. This effort will hopefully lower the HIV and AIDS rate that is destroying our community especially young African Americans.

Tips on Improving Your Credit Score!!!

Don't waste time on debt settlement services...take matters into your own hands and reclaim your financial stability!!

I was listening to Joe Madison's XM radio show this morning,
"The Black Eagle," as he discussed issues concerning money and the financial market. He offered some pretty good tips on how to improve your credit score in 3-6 months. Here's an overview of the discussion:

1) Evaluate your credit. Get a copy of your credit report from all three major credit bureaus,
Equifax, Experian and TransUnion LLC. Ignore free credit report services and offers. Pay for your credit report using the three bureaus above and sign up to receive a free credit profile every year. When evaluating your score, here's what you need to look for:

2) Pay close attention to items listed under collections/charge off, this is what you need to pay off first. Contact the company and negotiate a pay off rate and once you've resolved the account make sure you get a letter from the company indicating your settlement.

3) Once your collection is pay off, look at your 30-60 day late payment status. Bring those accounts up-to-date and try and maintain them.

4) Last but not least, evaluate your high credit/revolving accounts and try to pay them down to at lease 50% of the balance.

By following the above guidelines you should see an increase in your credit score within 3-6 months. While these results will help improve your credit report, its only the beginning to obtaining financial security. Its important that you save money and spend wisely.

A wise man once said "
Never spend your money before you have it."
-Thomas Jefferson


The Feds Say the Recession Is Over......

...but its still recession like conditions in the streets. Con artists and thieves are getting trickier and reckless by the minute, and women and senior citizens are the primary targets. What can you do to stay's a few tips that might save your wallet and your life!

1) When entering or exiting your car or home lock your doors IMMEDIATELY. Eliminate the window of opportunity for intruders to run up on you.

2) Minimize your online transactions and start paying bills the old fashion way. Online scams are notorious these days and it only takes a few clicks for hackers to access your personal information. Even the most secure sites have been's better to be safe than sorry.

3) Start carrying cash and leave your ATM and/or credit cards at home. If someone robs you the only thing they'll get is the cash you have on hand. This will save you money and the headache of having to cancel credit cards and wait for replacements in the long run!

4) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Always be mindful of what's going on around you and be conscious of your intuition. If something doesn't feel/seem right, then it probably isn't.

5) Keep your valuable possessions in a safe place. Don't leave your laptop, ipod or hand bag in the back seat of your car....these are incentives for thieves to break in.

6) Last but not least, be modest. If someone tries to rob you....let them have it, don't fight back....your number one concern is safety....not your material possessions. Your life is priceless.

Don't live in fear...but live in caution of the realities surrounding you. Be safe!!


Wendy Williams & Ru Paul....

brothers from another mother....


Drake's a Little Cocky

I love confidence....but I despise cockiness....and Drake is definitely headed in that direction. His latest post on twitter leaves me to believe he's full of himself or just plain....... full of himself. Didn't he learn anything when he slipped and fell on stage and needed help picking himself up pieces?

Granted he's gifted lyrically, but his stage performance sux. I've never seen him live, but based on the two performances I've seen on tv, he couldn't get $15 out of me.......okay I'm lying...I'd pay a little more than $15 to see him, but not if his attitude persists.

It's a little early for him to make comments like: "certain haters should worry bout me after their cereal / wakin up on my d**k / go watch Starbury for more weak material"

hip hop's like an open sore / but weezy came and opened doors / don't worry bout my knee / worry if i lose my vocal chords"

"when @drakesknee hit twitter all the rappers got bitter / and they girls click follow so they can keep up with my scripture"

Who is he talking about and why?

Sisqo's a Deadbeat

Tell me why Sisqo was excited that he made front page of and posted a link to the article on twitter? When I went to visit the link the headline read: "SISQO ALLEGEDLY IMPREGNATED A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!! Not the kind of coverage I was expecting him to be excited about.....

The article said Sisqo fathered a child back in 1999 with a 14 year old girl and for the past 10 years has refused to acknowledge the child or take care of his responsibility. After several years of battling in court and refusing to take a paternity test the courts concluded that Sisqo is the "presumed father." I sent him a message on twitter asking if the allegations were true.....he never responded.

Sisqo is so beat!!!


The Color Purple

is a must see.....If you haven't seen the play....GO SEE IT. Treat your mother, girlfriend, grandmother or yourself to an unforgettable play that features some of the most talented people ever.

Capturing the most pivotal moments, the play tells the story better than the movie and the book. As critical as I can be...I had no critics here. Fantasia did an AWESOME job playing Celie as everyone did playing their part. Felicia Fields (played Sofia) stole the show with her outstanding performance....the entire cast was incredible...couldn't have been better!!!

The Kennedy Center is hosting the play until August secure your seat ASAP. Fantasia performs every show except on Thursdays and Sundays....There's only a few shows left so don't waste anymore time. Tickets are a little pricey, but it's worth every me!!

Click here to view the remaining show dates and times.