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Your Vaginal Health

Believe it or not, most women don't take good care of their intimate areas. Aside from getting regular check ups most women are not using the proper products to maintain a healthy discharge, vaginal strength or to prevent infections.

While I'm no gynecologist, I've done some research that can help you avoid a cooch that look like this!!!

First things first:

A healthy vagina has a special discharge that keeps it clean and lubricated and protects it from infection. Normal vaginal discharge is whitish in color and does not have a bad smell, but may have a characteristic odor that changes during the time of your menstrual cycle.

Women experiencing infection of the vagina usually notice a change in their vaginal discharge, such as the odor or consistency. Infections include yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. They are both caused by an imbalance of the organism that normally live in the vagina. This imbalance can be caused by a number of different factors, but its best to be mindful of any discomfort or change in vaginal discharge to consult your health care provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Next, Exercise.

Exercising regularly not only helps maintain your overall body strength, but also your vaginal strength. Exercising increases the blood flow to the genital which support sexual arousal and climax mechanisms. It also strengthens and tones the muscles of the vaginal canal, or the "Pubococcygeus" aka "PC" muscles.

To prevent infections, you should use mild soap externally (I always recommend Summers Eve feminine wash). Avoid using douches, strong soaps, deodorants and sprays, and never use scented tampons or feminine pads. Doctors suggests wearing cotton underwear, and refrain from wearing tight fitting clothing or panty hose for an extended period of time.

Always practice safe sex and ask your man to wash his genitals before intercourse if you're married and not using protection. Men carry bacterial on their genitals which is normal, but if not cleaned regularly, can cause yeast infections. This "good guy" bacteria is okay on him, but not inside of you!!

While this topic may be uncomfortable for some to's better to have an uncomfortable conversation than an uncomfortable infection. Speak with your primary care phycian and talk about how you can maintain your vaginal health.

The above information was provided by ARKADIA.


Big Sis said...

grrrrrlllll.. thats just NASSTEE... ugh! yuck, now after saying that- lol.. it's true as women we do have to be very conscience of taking care of our selves intimately... great info!