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The Feds Say the Recession Is Over......

...but its still recession like conditions in the streets. Con artists and thieves are getting trickier and reckless by the minute, and women and senior citizens are the primary targets. What can you do to stay's a few tips that might save your wallet and your life!

1) When entering or exiting your car or home lock your doors IMMEDIATELY. Eliminate the window of opportunity for intruders to run up on you.

2) Minimize your online transactions and start paying bills the old fashion way. Online scams are notorious these days and it only takes a few clicks for hackers to access your personal information. Even the most secure sites have been's better to be safe than sorry.

3) Start carrying cash and leave your ATM and/or credit cards at home. If someone robs you the only thing they'll get is the cash you have on hand. This will save you money and the headache of having to cancel credit cards and wait for replacements in the long run!

4) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Always be mindful of what's going on around you and be conscious of your intuition. If something doesn't feel/seem right, then it probably isn't.

5) Keep your valuable possessions in a safe place. Don't leave your laptop, ipod or hand bag in the back seat of your car....these are incentives for thieves to break in.

6) Last but not least, be modest. If someone tries to rob you....let them have it, don't fight back....your number one concern is safety....not your material possessions. Your life is priceless.

Don't live in fear...but live in caution of the realities surrounding you. Be safe!!