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Meet Your Meat

I seen the most disturbing video on TV undercover investigation by The United States Humane Society, revealed widespread mistreatment of "downed" dairy cows (those who are too sick or injured to walk) at a Southern California slaughter plant (one of the largest beef suppliers in the United States).

The video shows cows being beaten, dragged by their legs and dumped into trucks. But that's not it....these sickly, disease inflicted cows are being auctioned off and sold to be slaughtered and packaged for YOU to buy.

Its amazing how people can be so cruel...not only to the animals, but to consumers. Its insane to think companies would comprise the health of the people, to make a few bucks....It's insane, unethical and illegal. Why are they getting away with such cruelty? This video began circulating in January of 2008 and while it prompted a huge investigations, this company is still in business...unbelievable

After viewing this monstrosity, I've have decided to cut all meats (excluding fish) from my diet. More so for health reasons, but also because of the animals. Can you imagine how many people are suffering today as a result of eating beef and other meat that come from slaughter plants like this? Maybe this clip will help you reconsider ordering that double bacon cheeseburger, and make a more safe and healthy choice.

*This video contains highly graphic footage


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