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Rick James Lookin Boy!!!!

If these aren't the gayest looking chumps I've ever seen, then I don't know what gay is.....Don't they look like a bunch of cracked out Rick James wanna bees? ????I'm sure Rick would be devastated by these swaga jackin sweet-meat clowns.....I mean how did these bammas get on TV??

Does Vh1 really think this show is going to be a hit? Supposedly they casted a tranny on the show to cause a little controversy....I wouldn't be surprised if he/she gets picked.....I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Amy Goes Wild

Come on Amy....where's your shoe...put that arm to good use..grab a burger and some french fries....I don't know what's gotten into Ms. Winehouse, besides marijuana and cocaine, but for someone who weights all of 50lbs, she has no problem putting the smack down on paparazzi.

Apparently Amy was confronted by a photographer who asked is she could take her picture. Amy was cool with it at first, until the photographer asked if someone could pose with Amy.

At that point Amy had reached her limit and reportedly punched the photographer in the face and smashed some camera equipment....Charges haven't been filed against Whinehouse at the moment, but I'm sure its coming....

Get 'em Amy.....let them know.....don't mess with the light weights...

Tragedy at Its Best

If you haven't already heard, some hatin ass knuckle head destroyed the life of Jacksonville Jaguars, Richard Collier.
Several weeks ago the 26-year old was shot 14 times, in the back, left groin, left leg and right buttock. A bullet severed his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed and his left leg was amputated due to blood clots forming in the groin and leg area. Five bullets were removed from his urinary bladder and he has suffered bouts of pneumonia, infections and renal failure....this young man is lucky to be alive.

Collier was on a ventilator for three weeks and had no recollection of the shooting. Statements from the press were held until Collier was made aware of his tragedy. In recent reports his condition has progressed from critical to good. He is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

After reading this story all I can do was shake my head....I don't understand how people can be so cruel to one another. Although Collier is blessed to still be alive, apart of him has passed. He will never be able to live a full life...He can no longer play football, and there's no telling what life long health problems he'll suffer as a result of this.

My prayers go out to Collier and his family...I wish you speedy recovery.

Watch out for the haters because their lurking and waiting to strike on the next victim. Keep your enemies close and watch those who pretend to be your friends....Be thankful for your functioning limbs....they may not be the size, or shape you want them to be..but at least you've got 'em.

Fantasia Dropped From Label

Fantasia was dropped from 19 Management, the American Idol recording label, for reasons they consider to be "creative differences".

According to, Fantasia has had her share of problems with management companies since her American Idol win in 2004. Her contract with J Records should keep a few bucks in her pocket, but unfortunately she is still obligated to share music sales profits with 19.

Fantasia is known for having sold many records in the past, however 19 management isn't confident in her ability to do it again...........Can you blame them???

Based on her ever changing style and appearance, I don't know if Fantasia can hold it together, I mean look at her......
Does it look like she's holding it together??? Fantasia is obviously going through some changes in her life....the tattoos say it all...She went from "America's Idol" to what looks like "America's Most Wanted". She looks like some one's jail house baby mama.......Get it together Fanta.....we love you, but remember there's a thin line between love and hate.....


TLC shuts down rumors

Did you hear rumors about TLC replacing Left Eye with Lil Kim???

Well......I had to double check the facts on this before reporting, and yes....the rumors are indeed FALSE.....thank goodness.....

Gyant Scoop...was able to get a hold of T-boz and Chilli to confirm the future of TLC, and this is what the ladies had to say:

"We want our fans to know that replacing our sister Lisa is not, nor has it ever been an option. TLC will always consist of Chilli and T-Boz. Lisa's spirit lives on through us. She cannot be replaced. We may collaborate with other artists, just like many other groups have done, but we will never add anyone to TLC.

We love Lil Kim and have been talking about collaborating with her for awhile. We hope to have an opportunity to work with her in the near future."Chilli & T-Boz

Thank you for clearing that up ladies I was beginning to worry...I love TLC and Lil Kim, but I don't think that would be a great trio...I mean how does KTC sound to you????


For all my freak'um dress, pump wearing club hunnies....if your looking for a quick fit for the club tonight, don't go to FOREVER 21.

After spending $250 worth of clothing and accessories, take it from me, its not worth it. First of all....their accessories are extremely cheap...and I'm not talking about the price. After one-nights wear you can expect your jewelry to fade and turn colors.

The clothes are a little better in quality, but don't expect much. That cute little dress you bought will only make it through one cycle in the laundry....And don't be surprised if the buttons and threading on that classy blouse doesn't unravel before the night's over.

If you're a frequent shopper at FOREVER 21 then I'm sure you heard their return policy: all accessories are final sale, no returns possible. Clothes can only be exchanged or returned within 15 days, and you MUST have the receipt and original tag on the item and it must be unworn.

If you go over your 15th day, don't expect sympathy from store clerks, they're extremely strict about enforcing this policy and will not allow you to return ANYTHING!!!!

What a rip off.....I'm never shopping there again.....Don't get me wrong, I find their clothes to be fashionable and inexpensive, but remember the quote, "you pay for what you get?"

Well, unless you have thirty dollars to donate...... don't waist your time.


Soggy Bottom Karadashian

Kim looks like a damn fool....and its written all over her sisters face (see her sister in the background)..Does she really need to bend over like that?

Obviously her soggy bottom is all she has going for her, and you can tell because she's always sticking her butt in someones camera..

Come on Kim show a little more class.

I know she thinks she's HOT...especially since dating football head, Reggie Bush. But honestly i don't understand the hype behind this chick....

She's cute, but she looks like a sloppy chick with alot of money...she only looks good when she's rockin a girdle or tight clothes. Its obvious her butt is artificial..that's why it looks so lumpy in spandex....that's soooo attractive.

No doubt she has a beautiful face...but does that warrant all the attention she's been getting? I don't think so...there are plenty of girls right here in chocolate city that look twice as good as Kim. Come on Reggie don't fall for the hype!!!

Jaheim is that YOU???

OH NO....

Why did he leave the house like that? I'm happy he took out the cornrows, cause we all know that's played out, but he should've had a back-up plan.

BROKE MARVIN GAYE LOOKIN BOY!! I love Jaheim, but its no wonder why he's been missing in action...

Two Words....

F*ckin FABULOUS.......

Rihanna appears at fashion week in Milan...

Pepa Wants to Tell All...

But nobody wants to hear it....Old spice reportedly writing a "Tell All" book, discussing her abusive relationship with Naughty by Nature rapper, Treach..

Sounds like a cry for attention if you ask me. What she needs to tell us is why she messed with her nose and cheeks...didn't she see what happened to little Kim???....tell us bout dat' Pepa.....

No News is Bad News

For Jazmine Sullivan that is....ever since the rising star dropped her hit single "Need U Bad" we haven't heard much from her since...

Her album titled "Fearless" was set to release yesterday, September 23rd...but I haven't heard anything about it....Doesn't look good boo!!!

As far as I'm concerned I hope the video doesn't speak for the album. I love Jazmine, but I have to admit that her video was boring, low budget and a pure tragedy at its best.

I was extremely disappointed with Missy and embarrassed for Jazmine. Was that really the best she could do? I know her budget may be a little tight, but I hope she's stacking those chips cause its going to take a little more to dazzle me!!!!

Stop Lyin Ci Ci

Is this a joke or does Ciara really think people are stupid...She must have been on some sort of local anaesthetic when she took her clothes off to show her goodies??? Everyone knows you posed nude for V.I.B.E stop trippin CiCi....

And for the record...she looks a hot mess in that black lipstick....her stylist should be fired...immediately....

Give It Up T.I.

T.I.'s baby mama can look forward to a few extra duckets each month, now that T.I. has been ordered to pay her an extra thousand dollars for their two children, Messiah and Domani.

LaShon Dixon, who looks very much like T.I.'s hunny dip "Tiny", was only receiving $2,000 a month for the boys, which she claims wasn't enough. The court obviously agreed and ordered T.I. to increase payments, and cover school expenses along with unpaid medical bills.

Unfortunately his boys don't have health insurance....what's up with that...I know T.I. said Big Thangs Poppin...but it doesn't look like he's breaking bread with his family.....Tiny, you better watch out girl....


Sorry MTO...Wrong Again

Rumors about Ciara suing Vibe Magazine for publishing those nude pictures of her are false. According to this video Ciara knew exactly what she was doing.

If you haven't seen the clips of Ciara, click here.

Rihanna's Broke???

Looks like my girl Rihanna is really caught in "Disturbia" considering recent reports of her being broke. Apparently she only has 20K to her name....I guess she won't be laughing to the bank...

Rumors began circulating shortly after Rihanna fired her business manager, Patricia Williams, who Rihanna believes stole her money. Patricia has been reaching out to the media to clear her name and tell the truth about Rihanna's financial situation.

Apparently Def Jam hasn't been paying Rihanna properly, and Marc Jordan, owner and manager of Rebel One Management, has been using Rihanna's personal money to fund her future projects. All the fancy clothes, new albums and video's including her new single "Disturbia" were funded with money Rihanna made from endorsements and concerts.

Although the young diva has made a little over a million dollars, her management teams says majority of those funds were used to make her as big as she is now.

I'm sure there's a hefty price tag on all those lavish luxuries....Its kind of surprising because every time I see pictures of Rihanna it looks like she's vacationing, or shopping at some expensive boutique. Well I hope Chris Brown is paying for dinner and those fancy hotels, because Rih Rih doesn't have it. Just like she says in "Disturbia"

"Put on your break lights
We’re in the city of wonder

Ain’t gonna play nice

Watch out, you might just go under

Better think twice

You got it right Rih Rih...pump the brakes on that debit card and think twice before you buy those expensive outfits...cause you might just go under.

Unfortunately this doesn't surprise me...artists seem to get jerked all the time, remember TLC, Toni Braxton, Chingy, and more...celebrities don't have a clue about their finances until the credit cards decline and there's no money in the bank.

I hope Rihanna finds a new manager that will help her stacks those chips!!!! I'd hate to see her end up like MC Hammer......Can't touch this......


Pussycat Dolls at it Again

With a new single and all of its original members on board the PCD's are ready to hit the streets. I guess Nicole's solo album didn't do so good, cause back to the group she went!!! Back in her usual spot, dead center at all times. Its too bad the other group members don't get a fair time to shine...but they don't seem to care as long as everyone gets their cut!!!

I've never really been a big fan of PCD, but their new single looks like a banger. After viewing the making of the video I must say that I like the group members energy and enthusiasm during the shoot...they seem like alot of fun to work with.

Check out what they're doing in Hollywood, click below to see there new single "When I Grow Up"

PCD TV EP3: Behind When I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls NEW Video


Bamma of the Year

Out of all the many..many things I could say about Khia I think the video speaks for it self.

If you haven't already seen the shameful production of Khia's remake of "Hello Brooklyn" by Jay-Z & Lil Wayne, then you really haven't missed much.

The supposed "Queen of the South" couldn't afford a real camera crew or video set, so she chose to shoot her video in her house.

Her outfits came straight from the $10 store and her lingerie was as cheap as pack of Ramen noodles.

Who told her she looked good in that wife beater with them sagging titties?? I mean didn't "My Neck My Back" make her enough money to afford some Victoria Secret...Vanity Fair..something...

She obviously didn't have a real producer to give her input on the video...Because someone should have told her that she needs to loosen up on the seductive dance moves and keep her saber-tooth-mouthpiece out of the camera.

Are times really that hard..Khia do yourself a favor sweetie and just disappear...don't come back until you have something of substance and quality to contribute. See ya!!!!

Get Wit It Ladies

Here's a little motivation to get those abs in shape...just because fat-belly season is vastly approaching, doesn't mean its time to forget about working out....

Now...for those of you that already weight over 200lbs...don't kill yourself trying to lose weight...take your time and enjoy a second serving of dinner followed by a slice of cake....someone has to indulge....everyone can't look this good....

So for my fit divas drop down and give me 50....push ups and crunches that is....

Doesn't Scary Spice just make you sick????

Nelly Bites the Dust

Ya know....Nelly continues to disappoint me....I used to be a Nelly fan, but after reading about him in recent interviews....this will be the last moment of shine he'll receive from me, via PC, radio, or TV.

In a recent article, Cornell Haynes Jr., aka Nelly, voiced his anger and frustration against Spelman College for "not helping a brother or the community" during his time of need.

A few years ago Nelly tried to conduct a bone marrow drive at Spelman to find a donor for his ill sister, Jacqueline Donahue.The students of Spelman protested Nelly's appearance at the university, and subsequently the drive was cancelled. Shortly after the protest a few of Spelman's representatives appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and discussed the controversy and Nelly's recent activities in the media. Unfortunately for Nelly the focus of discussion wasn't on his sister's need for help, instead they focused on the exploitation of women in his video titled "Tip Drill". I didn't see the Oprah episode, nor had I seen Nelly's video, so I decided to see what the fuss was about and boy was I in for a serious jaw dropper.

If you haven't seen the video, then take a moment to "feast" your eyes on this.

Next to porn, this is one of the most trifling most degrading video's I've ever seen......and the raunchiest video of the century award goes to......... NELLY!!!!

I don't know who I'm more disappointed in, Nelly or the trifling hoes in the video....I mean really....I'm sorry Nelly but after looking at this clip its hard to remember all the positive things you've done. Can you blame Oprah and the ladies of Spelman???

Outraged with Oprah and Spelman Nelly says “Instead of sisters working with a brother to help educate our people on Leukemia, on bone marrow, and getting people signed up on the stem cell registry and try to help save lives you want to talk about a video. A video (”

Yes Nelly...the video....What were you thinking when you swiped that hoes behind with your credit card??? "Ass for Cash"??

This is a video you keep in your private collection, not distribute for the public...Did you really think that was a hot idea....Anyway I think its stupid....Quite frankly I'm impressed with the students of Spelman. The fact that Nelly expected the school to rally for his efforts after such can a reputable institution support such an artist?

Although it is important for our people to be educated on Leukemia, scoliosis and other related health issues, Nelly isn't quite the ideal messenger.

Unfortunately for Jacqueline, a suitable donor was not found in time and she passed in March 2005 . Nelly is obviously that he is still bitter and trying to coup with the loss if his sister.....but blaming Spelman won't heal his pain or bring her back.

I'm sorry for your loss Nelly but I'm going to have to agree with Oprah and the ladies of Spelman on this one.


Stop Hating MTO

My number one source of media gossip, Media Take Out (MTO) has made a big mistake that I'm not to pleased about.....Hating on my girl Rihanna.

In their latest post about the pop diva they said that she was having a bad hair day...Does this look like a bad hair day to you???

Damn can Rih Rih get a break...

It doesn't matter MTO Rihanna is freakin FABULOUS...anymore comments like this from you and I'll have to change your name from Media Take Out to Media haters!!!

Money Saving Tips

Hello Good people, I have GOOD news to share....I just saved $250 by switching my car insurance. It wasn't to Geico though, I switched to Progressive. I know that doesn't mean much to you but it means the world to me. When was the last time you checked competitive insurance rates?? Who knows, you might be paying more than you have to.

For the past four years my car was insured with Esurance.....and as much as I'd like to complain about them I don't have anything bad to say. The rates were decent, paperless transactions, and their customer service was pretty good. It wasn't until my rate increased when I renewed my policy that I figured I'd look into other providers. To my surprise there were a few companies offering rates that would save me up to $250 a month for the same coverage. So I did what any smart person would do...SWITCH!!!

Another big savings I made, was by having my Annual Percentage Rate (APR) decreased on my credit cards. Did you know that if you make at least three payments on time that you can have your APR decreased? I went from a 28.9% APR to 9.8% APR. Not only did that decrease my monthly payments, but it saved me a heck of alot of money.

So do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the the fine print on those credit cards and take a few moments to review your expenses..Don't spend more than you need to. I'm sure we call use a little extra savings!!!!

Are you paying too much in car insurance? Click here to find out.


Nelly's New Single Sucks

If you didn't already know, Nelly is dropping a new album this fall called "Brass Knuckles"... From the looks and sounds of his first single, it should to be called "Brick Nickles" because that's all he can look forward to making with this garbage.

For some strange reason he has Ashanti on the single, titled "Body on Me". Click below to see their performance on the Jay Leno show. Did i forget to mention that Akon is featured on the song as well...anyway watch the clip and tell me what you think.

I hate to break to all of my Ashanti fans, but she's a hot mess. She looks good, but her talent is sorely lacking and she can't dance to save her life. I don't know about you, but I'm still trying to figure out what her purpose was on the song?? She sang all of three lines throughout the whole track and really had nothing special to contribute. Maybe that's why Nelly invited Akon, I mean did he really need them both??

Your boy Akon on the other hand did his thing...i guess...but honestly I'm tired of hearing his voice...can somebody please give him some theraflu? All he needs to do is cough up that Acorn in his throat and he'll sound and feel much better. Doesn't he sound uncomfortable to you?? Maybe not but his voice is uncomfortable to my ears.

Sorry Nelly, but it doesn't look too good!!! Hopefully your next single will do better.



To drugs that is.....Obviously Amy Winehouse didn't learn this in middle school. The talented young singer is loosing herself...literally.

From massive weight loss, to sniffing cocaine on stage, Amy needs to put down the pipe and pick up a burger....double bacon cheese please..

Amy is one of my newest most favored artist. Her classic combination of jazz, neo soul and R&B is like no other. I own both of her albums, "Frank" and "Back to Black" and I must say that I absolutely LOVE every track on both Cd's. As much as I'd hate to admit it, I believe her increased fame has hurt her more than it has helped. Her hit single "Rehab" is unfortunately a true tale of Amy's struggle with depression, drug and alcohol abuse.

Although she is known for having had a troubled past, its a shame to see that her future doesn't look any brighter. From this....

to THIS.....
You tell me where you think she's headed!!


Making It Happen

Today I've decided to make use of my time and do something I've been meaning to do for a while....Blog.....I know many of you have been waiting to hear me ROAR and your wait is over....

Here I am...In full effect.....Ready to rip someone a new one and put the smash down on the low-down & dirty. If you don't like one cares...this is MY domain..enter only if you can handle the truth!!