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Bamma of the Year

Out of all the many..many things I could say about Khia I think the video speaks for it self.

If you haven't already seen the shameful production of Khia's remake of "Hello Brooklyn" by Jay-Z & Lil Wayne, then you really haven't missed much.

The supposed "Queen of the South" couldn't afford a real camera crew or video set, so she chose to shoot her video in her house.

Her outfits came straight from the $10 store and her lingerie was as cheap as pack of Ramen noodles.

Who told her she looked good in that wife beater with them sagging titties?? I mean didn't "My Neck My Back" make her enough money to afford some Victoria Secret...Vanity Fair..something...

She obviously didn't have a real producer to give her input on the video...Because someone should have told her that she needs to loosen up on the seductive dance moves and keep her saber-tooth-mouthpiece out of the camera.

Are times really that hard..Khia do yourself a favor sweetie and just disappear...don't come back until you have something of substance and quality to contribute. See ya!!!!