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Who's to Blame?

If your an avid Mediatakeout reader then I'm sure you seen the New Jersey bus brawl that took place between a 67 year old Vietnam vet and a "too grown to have cornrows" black man, last week. The fight was OUT OF CONTROL. If you haven't seen it, check it out before you proceed to the next paragraph.

This is what happens with you put an intoxicated brother and a crazy white man in one place. MAYHEM!! I think both men where wrong, but my gut feeling tells me that the white man, Tom, instigated the dispute.

Wild 94.9 Radio did a follow up interview with both gentlemen, and here's what they had to say:

What I gather from the video, is that Tom disrespected Michael by asking him to spit shine his shoes. It was clear that Michael was inebriated, and Tom wanted to 'try' him. It's too bad that Tom whooped on Michael the way he did....but I think Michael took his beating like champ. I was happy to see Michael in a more positive light during the radio interview, but I can't say the same about must be the weed!


Nicki Minaj from Butch to Barbie

Check out Nicki Minaj before the booty implants, nose job, stilettos and dresses...she was nothing close to being a BARBIE...just a gutter BUTCH chick from the Bronx...
The video clip your about to witness is an address Nicki Minaj made to Remy Ma in regards to their relationship. Apparently the two ladies were intimate partners until Remy cut Nicki off. Nicki, close to tears, took to the media to express her feelings about the issue and inform the public about their relations.

I don't know what took me by surprise the most...Nicki and Remy's relationship, or Nicki's transformation from BUTCH to BARBIE.
Nicki had alot of work done in short period of time<~~speechless.

Now that Remy is behind bars and Nicki is at the top of the rap game, I wonder how Remy feels..... Anywho..check out the clip and let me know what you think.


Who knew Brandy could flow like this? Fwd ~~> 3:40.

Its been a long time since Brandy's last LP, and by the looks of this performance, her next release is going to be a BANGER!! I been check her swag lately and I'm definitely feeling her new flavor...but someone needs to tell Brandy that the leotard and blazer with tights is not the look for her. Brandy needs to eat a few more cheese burgers before she can pull that off.

Other than that, I'm excited to see what she's got cooking.

Luda & Nikki "My Chick"

New hot joint from Ludacris and Nikki Minaj "My Chick".
I swear you can always count on Luda to bring the FIRE. I'm really feeling this track right here. Nikki took the Beyonce glove to the next level and reintroduced the Freddy Krueger fingers<~~Love it. Looks like Lady Gaga and Nikki are sippin the same juice!

The video premiered on 106 and park yesterday. Celeb appearance include Trina, Diamond and Eve. Check it out!


Tiger's Public Apology

Tiger Woods held a press conference yesterday to issue a public apology to his wife, family, fans and friends. After three months of silence, Tiger came forward to address the rumors and issues concerning his infidelity and the domestic dispute/accident with this wife. His 13 minute delivery was a joke at best. I couldn't stop laughing as I watched him struggle through his scripted apology. I find it difficult to take someone seriously when they read an apology word for word. He had three months to think about what he was going to say, and the best he could do was three paged letter. <~~HATED IT!!


Nivea & Rasheeda Want you to "Say Something"

As you can see it didn't take Nivea long to bounce back after birthing Lil Wayne's second baby boy, Neal, just three months ago. The single mother of four and her home girl/rapper Rasheeda got together to make a remake of Timberland and Drake "Say Something".....I didn't know people made videos for remixes...but anywho the song is hot and the ladies song good on the track.

Besides Nivea being a ghost writer/two hit wonder...I think she has talent. I like her voice, but I can't say the same about her style.

Rasheeda is cute and I'm kinda feelin her. I need to hear something else before I can determine my thoughts exactly. It's nice to have another female rap artist in the game...because right now Niki Minaj is holding it down by herself. Anyway I hope this Nivea/Rasheeda colabo means there's an album coming out soon. We'll see!!!


Joy Daily on Wale's "Pretty Girl Video"

She took the words right out of my mouth...Amen sista. Just in case you didn't see the video, check it out below.

Thoughts anyone?

Usher's BACK....

...and I'm sure everyone who saw the NBA All-Star opening, agrees. Most bloggers are talking about Usher's leather pants and rubber vest...but who cares about that...Let's talk about his performance. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

I'm happy to see Usher bring back the FIRE....One of his strong qualities besides his vocals, is his dancing. Usher always delivers a strong performance full of hot moves and sound vocals...I couldn't tell if he was lip singing or if it was live, but either way, the performance was off the chain! If you missed it..check it out!

I can't help but think about Usher's transformation after divorcing his monstrous ex-wife Tameka. It's funny how people lose themselves in relationships. Usher's last album was a testament of that. Now that he's moved on from that situation, and found himself again...he can give his fans what they miss....USHER.


Ray J's Reunion Gets Heated

OMG...did anyone see The Love of Ray J reunion? I'm usually not into the reality "looking for love" shows, but I did catch a few episodes of Ray J's. The reunion shows are always the best...full of drama, action and REAL entertainment. If you missed the reunion episode, take a few moments to be entertained!!
Ray J really played himself. Why would he let Cocktail get him excited. Walking off the set and cursing like a truck driver was completely out of he trying to get signed for another season?

He is definitely a drama king that doesn't like the truth be exposed. He completely disregarded Mz. Berry, the winner of his love triangle, and embarrassed her by saying should have picked Jaguar. At the end of two season, Ray J still hasn't found love...and clearly isn't looking for anything serious. One thing's for sure, the reality love games are a JOKE!

I can't believe Mz. Berry stuck around for the drama when the JOKE was on her. How do you go without talking to or seeing the love of your life for 5 months and seriously think you've found love? The things women do to bag a "celebrity" or gain a little fame. Mz. Berry should be more focused on her kids rather than being apart of Ray J's circus. Besides I don't think he's the step-daddy type anyway! NEXT!!


Michael Jackson's Doctor Gets Probation

Michael Vick got 23-months in prison for dog fighting and Michael Jackson's alleged murderer, Dr. Conrad Murray gets 4 years probation...what is the world coming to?

After eight months of investigations the personal physician responsible for taking the life of pop legend Michael Jackson was charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and faces up to 4 years of probation. In addition to his 'slap on the wrist,' Murray's medical license was suspended in the state of California, BUT he is able to practice in other states.

The charges were delivered today in court, as Murray entered a "non-guilty" plea with the defense that he did not intentionally cause harm to Michael Jackson. Murray admitted to being paid $150,000/month to provide Jackson with the powerful anesthetic, propofol, several times in the hours leading up to Jackson's death in June. This 'treatment' was part of a nightly regimen of anesthetics and sedatives that the singer allegedly used to combat chronic insomnia.

Murray was taken into custody and his bail was set at 75,000. He was forced to surrender his passport and appear in court for sentencing on April 5, 2010.

Jackie Robinson: Black America's Sports Hero

Allow me to introduce you to the first African American male to break the barriers of segregation in American Major League sports, Mr. Jackie Robinson. Robinson is a sports hero beyond recognition. He was the first African American Baseball player to integrate MLB and win the rookie of the year award in 1947. After years of outstanding performance and perseverance, Robinson was the first African American to be inducted into the sports Hall of Fame in 1962. Aside from being active on the field, Robinson was an activist for social change and equality during the Civil Rights movement, and worked alongside history's most profound pioneers, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Take a few moments to learn how Jackie Robinson changed the face of American sports, by viewing the documentary below.


Donnie Simpson Leaves WPGC

As promised, here is the footage from Donnie Simpson's farewell celebration at Ben's Chilly Bowl. Check it out!


Modern Day Slavery

YOU are a slave. Your body, your time, your possessions...all belong to someone other than the creator (GOD).

You work 40-60 hours a week to make "him" rich. You live pay check to pay check, with the stability of your life at the stroke of "his" pen. We break the bounds of our existence to be deemed worthy of "his" acceptance, time and money...and we destroy the growth of our communities with "his" weapons of mass destruction.

Did you really think that you were FREE?

Free to live equally abundant lives of our suppressors. Free to have equal opportunities for wealth, education and health care? Free beyond the conditions of your environment and circumstances, to achieve the "American Dream?"

Think again my friend.

Even though we don't see the chains, segregated signs, or the lynching of our people....its still there and it's still happening. We see it everyday in the court system, in our community, through music, and in the workforce. There are countless examples of inequality in our society and that we live in a system of modern day slavery.

Let us not be fooled into thinking that we have equal opportunities because our President is black. Although President Barack Obama has changed the face of history....OUR conditions remain the same. President Obama can only do but so much to change the effects of decades of suppression. It's time for us to unite and stand strong to support one another in the fight for FREEDOM and equality.

Together we can break the mold of modern day slavery by transforming our mind. Think beyond the realm of working a typical 9-5 and become entrepreneurs. Challenge yourself, your children, your friends, to be smarter, expect more, and understand their worth. Support the people and business owners of your community. Stop settling for less. Stop defining yourself by your material possessions. Find security in your flaws and imperfections. Entertain yourself with inspiration, truth and love rather than drugs, violence and sex.

If we don't rise above, our children will continue to suffer the hardships we face today. Do yourself and your community a favor and make a change.


Celebrating Black History

Did you know that Black History Month originated in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson as Negro History Week? The month of February was chosen in honor of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, who were both born in that month.

Since its inception in 1925, Black History Month has served the broad purpose of educating all Americans about the roles African-Americans have played in the history of the U.S. While many icons and legends of the movement have escaped the eyes of the public, we take a moment to journey through Black history to recognized and observe the legends that have paved the way.

Bessie Coleman: Pilot Project

Bessie Coleman was born into poverty and picked cotton to help support her family.

As World War I ended, her dream was to fly, but every flying school turned her down because of her gender and race.

Unbowed, she learned French and went to France, where she earned her international flying license, two years before Amelia Earhart. At the time, she was the only licensed black pilot in the world.

For the rest of her short life, she encouraged others to turn their dreams into reality. Sadly, she died in a crash while practicing for an air show in 1926.

There are 136-thousand pilots and navigators in the U.S. today, 3-and-1/2 percent of them female and just over one-half percent African-American.