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Modern Day Slavery

YOU are a slave. Your body, your time, your possessions...all belong to someone other than the creator (GOD).

You work 40-60 hours a week to make "him" rich. You live pay check to pay check, with the stability of your life at the stroke of "his" pen. We break the bounds of our existence to be deemed worthy of "his" acceptance, time and money...and we destroy the growth of our communities with "his" weapons of mass destruction.

Did you really think that you were FREE?

Free to live equally abundant lives of our suppressors. Free to have equal opportunities for wealth, education and health care? Free beyond the conditions of your environment and circumstances, to achieve the "American Dream?"

Think again my friend.

Even though we don't see the chains, segregated signs, or the lynching of our people....its still there and it's still happening. We see it everyday in the court system, in our community, through music, and in the workforce. There are countless examples of inequality in our society and that we live in a system of modern day slavery.

Let us not be fooled into thinking that we have equal opportunities because our President is black. Although President Barack Obama has changed the face of history....OUR conditions remain the same. President Obama can only do but so much to change the effects of decades of suppression. It's time for us to unite and stand strong to support one another in the fight for FREEDOM and equality.

Together we can break the mold of modern day slavery by transforming our mind. Think beyond the realm of working a typical 9-5 and become entrepreneurs. Challenge yourself, your children, your friends, to be smarter, expect more, and understand their worth. Support the people and business owners of your community. Stop settling for less. Stop defining yourself by your material possessions. Find security in your flaws and imperfections. Entertain yourself with inspiration, truth and love rather than drugs, violence and sex.

If we don't rise above, our children will continue to suffer the hardships we face today. Do yourself and your community a favor and make a change.