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Ray J's Reunion Gets Heated

OMG...did anyone see The Love of Ray J reunion? I'm usually not into the reality "looking for love" shows, but I did catch a few episodes of Ray J's. The reunion shows are always the best...full of drama, action and REAL entertainment. If you missed the reunion episode, take a few moments to be entertained!!
Ray J really played himself. Why would he let Cocktail get him excited. Walking off the set and cursing like a truck driver was completely out of he trying to get signed for another season?

He is definitely a drama king that doesn't like the truth be exposed. He completely disregarded Mz. Berry, the winner of his love triangle, and embarrassed her by saying should have picked Jaguar. At the end of two season, Ray J still hasn't found love...and clearly isn't looking for anything serious. One thing's for sure, the reality love games are a JOKE!

I can't believe Mz. Berry stuck around for the drama when the JOKE was on her. How do you go without talking to or seeing the love of your life for 5 months and seriously think you've found love? The things women do to bag a "celebrity" or gain a little fame. Mz. Berry should be more focused on her kids rather than being apart of Ray J's circus. Besides I don't think he's the step-daddy type anyway! NEXT!!