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Who's to Blame?

If your an avid Mediatakeout reader then I'm sure you seen the New Jersey bus brawl that took place between a 67 year old Vietnam vet and a "too grown to have cornrows" black man, last week. The fight was OUT OF CONTROL. If you haven't seen it, check it out before you proceed to the next paragraph.

This is what happens with you put an intoxicated brother and a crazy white man in one place. MAYHEM!! I think both men where wrong, but my gut feeling tells me that the white man, Tom, instigated the dispute.

Wild 94.9 Radio did a follow up interview with both gentlemen, and here's what they had to say:

What I gather from the video, is that Tom disrespected Michael by asking him to spit shine his shoes. It was clear that Michael was inebriated, and Tom wanted to 'try' him. It's too bad that Tom whooped on Michael the way he did....but I think Michael took his beating like champ. I was happy to see Michael in a more positive light during the radio interview, but I can't say the same about must be the weed!