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Badu Is Back!!

Erykah's new album release, "New Amerykah Part 2: Return of the Ankh" is expected to drop March 30th. Check out a teaser of her single "Strawberry Incense" If you haven't already to seen the video for her first single release, "Window Seat"...your in for a HUGE surprise.

Erykah Badu has a new style and persona that will leave you speechless. "Window Seat" has the industry buzzin about Badu's transformation/evolution and the motives behind her message. Check it out and tell me what you think. can't pay for an AZZ like that! That's what good lovin and 2 babies will do! Didn't know Erykah was holding like that did you?


Would Porn Lose Its Appeal if Performers Wore Condoms?

Ex-porn sensation Darren James doesn't thinks so, especially after he contracted HIV during one of his film shoots. ABC news interviewed Darren along with producers and actors in the adult film industry, and you'll be surprised to hear what they think about the use of condoms and the safety of adult performers. Condoms = less money.

Check it out!


Kelly Steals Teyana's First Single!

In recent shady music gossip, Kelly Rowland reportedly stole Teyana Taylor's underground single "Smooches" before she had a chance to release it. Little Ms. Taylor is furious and has threatened to leave the music scene and go to college (let's see how long that lasts). But no one has heard anything from Kelly!

How did that happen you ask? Well thanks to Nicolebitchie this is how business is conducted behind the scenes:

"Typically many artists will “demo” a song. One artist will buy the song. The artist who buys the song owns the song, although there may be different versions of the song that have been recorded. This is done all the time. Usually a producer will leak the unreleased versions to either force the artist who paid for the song to put out their version so that the producer can start getting publishing or there was a falling out between the producer and the artist who owns the track. In this situation, I don’t know what really happened."Anywho...the song is HOT! I can see why Teyana is mad. Kelly did her thing on the track, and hope this sets the pace for the hot album. Sorry's a doggy dog world.


Fox Reporter Disrespects Pres. Obama


Is Lady Gaga on Drugs?

It wouldn't surprise me....It would explain a lot of her questionable behavior and antics...but I can't tell if she's addicted to drugs...or attention.

In a recent concert, Lady Gaga struggles through her "Bad Romance" performance. As she lips syncs to the music, sits through most of her performance and even lays flat on her back...its clear that she's out of it.

Check out the video and tell me what you think!

B-more Rapper "Keys" Disses Nikki Minaj

I love it...although slim ran outta breath toward the end of the song...and couldn't suck in enough gut to zippin her jacket...she ripped Nikki a new a$$whole!

I can't deny, I WAS on team "Nikki"before she went Barbie...but now she beginning to sound the same on every track. She was hot back when she was flowing in hood and hallway buildings.....


Rev Run's Son Got Skillz

Diggy Simmons just killed half the rappers that are out right now with his flow over Nas’s “Made You Look” beat. If Wayne was free he’d probably be #signedtoyoungmoney


Can someone please explain this video to me...and tell me why Beyoncé is feeding Lady Gaga? WTF is going on? Did Gaga but something in Hunny B's juice?


Thanks to @Yup_ItsCaitlin and I understand the ideas behind the creation of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video.

Check out the article below that features an interview with Lady Gaga's prison yard girlfriend. If you thought that was a dude she was thought wrong!

Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video is nothing short of epic. Nearly 10 minutes long, it picks up where her "Paparazzi" video ended -- with the pop star headed to jail for murder. Once inside, Gaga does what any woman in her situation would do -- she finds herself a hot girlfriend. Canadian performance artist and personal trainer Heather Cassils was handpicked by Gaga to play the role of her prison yard girlfriend. We chatted with Cassils to find out how she ended up in the "Telephone" video, her feelings about depictions of queer women in mainstream media, and what it's like to make out with the most famous woman in the world.

Out: Were you familiar with Gaga's work before you were cast for the shoot?
Heather Cassils: I was not a totally massive fan per se, but my background and training is as an artist, and I did notice she was bringing a lot of elements of performance art into her pop cultural practice. And she has referenced people like Leigh Bowery and feminist performances, so I was aware of that, and that's what caught my eye about her more than anything else -- as well as the fact that she was doing something different and presenting herself differently from other pop stars who have been around in the last little while.

How did you get cast in the video?
I got cast because I work as a personal trainer. I run my own independent contracting business, and I run it out of a gay gym in Silver Lake. There's a woman at my gym named Dallas, and she's also kind of an aspiring actress of sorts, and she had been called in to play one of the guards. She called me up from the casting and said they were desperate for bodybuilders, and she told them, "There's this person at my gym who's not a pro bodybuilder, but she has a really cut physique," and she suggested I'd be perfect for it. So I went down and auditioned -- but I'm not hormones or anything like that -- so they ended up casting me as an inmate in the prison scene. They were blocking the scene, and the woman who was blocking for Gaga disappeared, and Gaga came out, and she just kind of instantly called me over, and it just happened like that. She called me over and asked me to portray her girlfriend and said, "OK, you're going to be my prison girlfriend, and you're going to come to me, and I'd like you to touch me inappropriately." [Laughs] We just kind of went from there.

So, it just happened right there on the spot?
Yeah. It was a very strange, organic Los Angeles moment.

What was Gaga like on set?
She was extremely professional and very, very funny. After we did the [kissing] shot, she screamed across the yard to me, "I think you got me pregnant!" [Laughs] She was also very present and real. She took the time to ask people what they did for a living and who they were and where they were from. She was a very genuine, grounded person.

OK -- let's get to the juicy stuff: What was the kiss like?
I think we did several takes -- to be honest, it was a little bit of a blur because it happened so quickly. On the first, take her cigarette sunglasses were steaming a little bit, but by the third or fourth take we were both inhaling a lot of secondhand smoke [Laughs]. It was kind of intense. And it just kind of happened naturally because she didn't really give me explicit instructions to kiss her -- it just felt like a natural thing to do. In fact, I sniffed her like a kind of aggressive beast. And as we got closer, she actually put her tongue in my mouth. She just went for it. [Laughs] It was really good.


New Season of the Big Sis Show...

featuring your girl....Mz. Monique, along side WPGC 95.5 Radio personality, Herkules, and talented musician Alison Carney...check out the promo!!


Washington D.C.'s First Lesbian and Gay Marriage

The first gay couples to be married in the District were joined after their ceremonies Tuesday morning by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D), reports the Washington Post.

The mayor, who signed legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in December, congratulated the couples with a champagne toast and said their weddings were "a great step forward for equality and for our city that has always been a standard bearer for treating people equally and justly."

Angelisa Young, 41, and Sinjoyla Townsend, 47, the first gay couple to apply for a marriage license after the District legalized same sex-unions, are now married. They have made history as the first black lesbian couple to wed. Check out live clips from their ceremony!

Rocky Galloway and Reginald Stanley were also joined in marriage Tuesday, and are the first black gay couple to wed.
Both couples were married at the headquarters for the Human Rights Campaign, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender lobbying group. A few protesters attended the ceremony but were escorted out due to disruptive behavior. This did not stop the proceedings or the excitement between the couples and their supporters.

Congratulations to both couples...may their marriage be filled with happiness and fulfillment.

Lady Gaga Swagga Jacks Kelis

Kelis wasn't lying when she said Lady Gaga was biting her style.In an interview she did with Popbytes, Kelis shares her viewpoints on the music industry and the artists that have copied her style. Its clear that Lady G was swagga jacking Ms. Milkshake...but its too bad Lady G got more recognition.


R.I.P Notorious B.I.G

Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of rap legend Christopher Wallace a.k.a "Notorious B.I.G's" death.

The 24-year-old rap star lost his life March 9, 1997, by a drive-by gunman who opened fire on him as he departed a Vibe Magazine party in Los Angeles.

The spray of bullets killed Biggie instantly, leaving paramedics helpless in the fight to save his life. The unknown gunman(s) has yet to be found and the homicide remains "unsolved."

Many believe Biggie's death was in retaliation for the murder of Tupac Shakur, who died just six months before Biggie's shooting. This mystery has riddled the music industry and the lives of the people and fans who loved both Biggie and Tupac most. While many search for closure to the unsolved homicides, one thing remains clear...their spirit is still alive.

As we celebrate the life of B.I.G we remember the positive impact he's made in the music industry and lives he touched. Last year, P. Diddy released the movie "Notorious B.I.G" which tells the life of the young star and his struggle from the hood to Hollywood.

P. Diddy's v-blog he talks about how Biggie's death affected him and his music, and how producing the film gave him his spirit back and closure in knowing that everything happens for a reason beyond our understanding and control. Check it out below.

R.I.P. B.I.G.


Do "Open" Relationships Save Marriages?

Would you feel better knowing your man wanted to have sex with another woman and asked you if he could....or would you rather he cheated and slept with her behind your back?

"Neither" isn't an option, so think about it "openly" before you decide.

Many celebrity couples including Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie and comedian Mo'Nique & Sidney believe their "open" relationship keeps their marriage alive.

All parties suggest that it's natural to be sexually attracted to others, but as long as you ask for permission before touching... then it's okay. Would this lifestyle work for you?

Being that most divorce cases involve infidelity, the idea of an "open" relationship kind of makes since...especially in Hollywood. But does this lifestyle fit the ordinary couple?

Most would say no...especially men. I don't think there's a man in the world that be comfortable with his wife sleeping with another man...even if it meant "saving" their marriage.

Women on the other hand are probably more likely to submit. The confirmation of the inevitable, and knowing before it happens, gives women a since of trust, and presidence over the situation in "understanding" her spouse and his needs.

On the flip side...this could take away the excitement of cheating. If you you told your man that he was free to chase and hunt as he pleased...would that kill his fire...or add fuel to the flame?


Does Equal Rights Include Gay Marriage?

In recent debates about Gay Marriage in D.C., references to Martin Luther King Jr. and interracial marriages were made.

Supporters of Gay Marriages drew parallels to Dr. Martin Luther Jr.'s dream for equal rights, suggesting that same-sex marriage bans would one day seem as ridiculous as the interracial marriage bans overturned by the Supreme Court in 1967.

A supporter of this theory, Mayor Adrian Fenty, who is bi-racial, signed the legislation legalizing same sex marriage in December 2009. As his parent stood by and witnessed his approval of the legislation, Fenty said "my parents married when some places barred interracial marriage" said But my question is "WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SAME SEX MARRIAGES?

Let's not confuse or misinterpret Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message about equal rights. His intentions were for all people of color, gender, social or economical stature to treated equally. I strongly doubt that included same sex marriages. How far will we take and undermine the struggles of Civil Rights to twist the ideology of equality?

Should Gay couples share the same rights as heterosexual marriages?

Nivea Says "Love Hurts"

So it's official....Nivea is working on a new album and has released the first single and video entitled "LOVE HURTS"

There's no question who she's referring to in the video and the song....the lyrics and footage says it all. The song is decent...I was kinda feeling her Mary J. "Waiting to Exhale" glasses and fur hoody, but that's where it stops. As talented as Nivea may be, I could never completely get with her swag.

Nivea makes it clear that she wasn't down with Lil Wayne's triangle of love, but has put the worst behind her and shows his other baby mamas some love.Nivea may not have her man (Dream or Lil Wayne) or be the cutest chick on the block...but she's PAID!! (50Cent said it best "Have a baby by me baby be a millionaire")

DC DonJuan Mixtape #2 "ConGraduation"

If you haven't already heard it and downloaded IamDonJuan's second mixtape "ConGraduation" then you are truly missing out!

DonJuan is doing it like no feeding the streets positive music, and energy while maintaining a humble and spirited demeanor. How many rappers do you know that can drop a 21track mixtape and only curse twice??? Don't worry I'll Wait!!!


Woud You Date a Married Man?

These women would, and they give reasons on why they think married men are more attractive than single men...Check out a portion of Tyra's episode on single women dating married men:

These women look and sound ridiculous. We have to do better ladies...for each other, and for ourselves.