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Nivea Says "Love Hurts"

So it's official....Nivea is working on a new album and has released the first single and video entitled "LOVE HURTS"

There's no question who she's referring to in the video and the song....the lyrics and footage says it all. The song is decent...I was kinda feeling her Mary J. "Waiting to Exhale" glasses and fur hoody, but that's where it stops. As talented as Nivea may be, I could never completely get with her swag.

Nivea makes it clear that she wasn't down with Lil Wayne's triangle of love, but has put the worst behind her and shows his other baby mamas some love.Nivea may not have her man (Dream or Lil Wayne) or be the cutest chick on the block...but she's PAID!! (50Cent said it best "Have a baby by me baby be a millionaire")