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Kelly Steals Teyana's First Single!

In recent shady music gossip, Kelly Rowland reportedly stole Teyana Taylor's underground single "Smooches" before she had a chance to release it. Little Ms. Taylor is furious and has threatened to leave the music scene and go to college (let's see how long that lasts). But no one has heard anything from Kelly!

How did that happen you ask? Well thanks to Nicolebitchie this is how business is conducted behind the scenes:

"Typically many artists will “demo” a song. One artist will buy the song. The artist who buys the song owns the song, although there may be different versions of the song that have been recorded. This is done all the time. Usually a producer will leak the unreleased versions to either force the artist who paid for the song to put out their version so that the producer can start getting publishing or there was a falling out between the producer and the artist who owns the track. In this situation, I don’t know what really happened."Anywho...the song is HOT! I can see why Teyana is mad. Kelly did her thing on the track, and hope this sets the pace for the hot album. Sorry's a doggy dog world.


Tyshia said...

Thats happens sometimes when you don't write you own music!!