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B-more Rapper "Keys" Disses Nikki Minaj

I love it...although slim ran outta breath toward the end of the song...and couldn't suck in enough gut to zippin her jacket...she ripped Nikki a new a$$whole!

I can't deny, I WAS on team "Nikki"before she went Barbie...but now she beginning to sound the same on every track. She was hot back when she was flowing in hood and hallway buildings.....


Anonymous said...

In regards to the Nikki Minaj "Come Up" interview she did with some cat named Fendi...I just want to know like who walks around with stacks of money with the paper you get from the bank still around it. Not to mention when she pulled it out of that lil purse she was rockin'. Now that was hillarious! I mean I'm not hatin' on the young lady, Never That!!! But it's just confusing when rappers portray themselves in thier lyrics a certain way & thier actions turn right around & murder the image. Me myself am old skool & in my era hip hop/rap had true swagga'. It came with a certain confident respect...A humbleness that allowed you to feel the artist's music therefore, feel the artist. It just had more truth & realness to it.