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Little Wayne Takes a Dive.....

And falls flat on his Azz when trying to run across the stage....HILARIOUS!!!


Blast From the Past!!

1990 Hit artists Brandy and Monica hit the stage to remind folks who they are.......singing their 10 year old duet "The Boy is Mine" check it out!!

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Bimbo Winehouse Music Review

Ms. Bimbo himself, reviews Keisha Cole's new album "A New Me," and while I don't agree with his assessment, I think his antics are hilarious.

Stay tuned for Mo's music review......coming soon!!

Barack Says Goodbye to his Grandmother

In a Hawaiian custom, Barack and his sister toss their grandmother's ashes into the sea....

Angel Lola Luv - Boss B!tch??


Angel recorded a 'party' video to her new song "Boss B!tch" and lets just say there's nothing bossy about it.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the video....for someone who claims to be so paid...and so Bossy...I was expecting much more than a homemade low budget flick. But that's what happens when a video hoe tries to sell records......tragedy at its best!!!!

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Among other things, Ms. video vixen is also working on a motion picture called "Crazy Like a Fox." Whoever casted her for the lead role in this film needs to be FIRED!!!!
Since when did having a huge rump-shaker make you a rapper and an actor? These areas require some level of talent or expertise, which Ms. Angle fails to posses... but anyway don't let me spoil the the moment take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

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Keri Hilson Heats up the Game

Ms. Hilson is definitely one of the hottest chicks in the game right now.....I'm feeling her energy, the versatility in her music and her style. Her latest single that many slept on "Turn Me On" is a serious BANGER!!!! If you haven't seen the video click below to check it out....

Superhead Throws Jermaine O'Neal "Under the Bus"

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Nivea: Spokesmodel for Ciroc

Three words describe this photo: A HOT MESS!!!!!!!

Could someone please tell Nivea to give Amy Winehouse her wig back!!!!


Case Solved

"America's Most Wanted" John Walsh found closure today, as Florida authorities confirmed the lead suspect in the murder his son, Adam Walsh. According to the Associate Press, "Ottis Toole, confessed to police that he killed 6-year old Adam in 1981 after kidnapping him from a shopping mall in Hollywood, Fla. The Hollywood Police Department officially closed the case today, determining that Toole was indeed responsible for Adam's death. "

Toole, was an American serial killer who confessed to numerous unsolved crimes, including murder, rape and cannibalism. Already serving 5 life sentences in Jacksonville Florida, Toole died of liver failure in 1996.

Is Marriage Overrated???

Divorce rates across the U.S. are outrageous. In recent reports, over 60% of marriages end in divorce, and in second and thirds marriages only 20% of couples are happily married.

With statistics like this, why do people get married?

Before You Break the Bank This Christmas...

....take a moment to think about the meaning of the holiday. This time of year is meant to celebrate the birth of Christ. To spend quality time with family members and loved ones and to be thankful for all your past and future blessings.

Instead of wrapping gifts for the Christmas tree, do something different this year. Wrap yourself in the midst of loved ones...go to church and give prays....or give back to your community.

Sacrifice your self and your time, instead of your wallet. Help bring back the meaning of Christmas....remember what's most important, God, family and yourself....

I hope you have a wonderful and heartfelt Christmas, may God Bless you and your family!

Atlanta Housewives Reloaded

Bravo announced its renewal of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Its first docu-drama ever to break the two million-viewer mark among adults 18-49, bet out New York and the Orange County installments. Must be all the drama & those Georgia Peaches that keeps us coming back for more. Can't wait to see what this season has in store!!!


On the Up & Up!!

Look who's looking FABULOUS these days....

Ms. Taylor...definitely stopped traffic in New York last week celebrating her 18th birthday....

he is so adorable....I'm definitely feeling the grown and sexy look......

Brandy is looking absolutely stunning....this is probably the best I've seen her look in years...

I guess after making that comment about being classier than Rhianna and Beyoncé, Brandy has no choice but to stay on her 'A' game!!

Lil Mama....hey girl where you been......looking good the shoes!!!


'Regions of Rock' by Monica

Monica's new clothing line "Regions of Rock" is expected to hit stores soon. Offering trendy fashions for women and children, Monica hits the runway with her top models, son Romelo and Rocko.

Fulfilling one of her many passions...."Regions of Rock" has been a working progress for Monica since early 2006. By the looks of the official website, the project is still under construction. Monica was expecting to release the line in time for the Christmas holidays, but it doesn't look like she made that deadline.

No rush Monica....but next time hold on to those promo pics until the website is ready.....

Someone Call the Paramedics......

.......because this clown overdosed on his medicine.......I know you've probably seen a million Beyoncé "Put a Ring On It" parodies, but you haven't seen one like this.......

Mystery man number 2 is an embarrassment to mankind...I wonder where he's from with those played out dance moves....I was waiting for him to break out with the 'running man'

I can't believe he had the audacity to expose himself in this manner.....His parents should be ashamed.....

Big Booty Hoes

I have exciting news to share.....last night was my first strip club experience....and let's just say....I enjoyed it!!!!

My sweetie took me to downtown Baltimore for one of the most exotic experiences of my life.....for his pleasure I had a lap dance from one of the hottest strippers...*LaToya*

She was a pretty girl with a killer body...small waist, little titties and a fat booty..she smelled lovely and had skin softer then a baby's bottom (I was jealous).

Her style of dance was clean...she didn't rub her coochi on the pole or the dance floor....she had a little class & grace ...With a body like hers all she had to do was shake her ass....and money flew everywhere.......

She danced for us and then danced with us. A dance we probably paid too much for...was priceless....the look on my baby's face watching her rub on my legs, breasts and thighs, made me excited.

Surprisingly I didn't mind the touching....perhaps too many vodka and cranberries??

Watching the dancers made me realize the beauty in stripping..There's definitely something sensual and seductive about it...besides being naked, dancing is very exotic....someting everyone can't be....

I've been told to be quite the sex kitten, and something tells me pole dancing will take me to the next level...I'm planning on taking some pole dancing classes, and working on my strip tease game for my sweetie.....I found this helpful guide online....a little prep work to get me started....Ladies if you want to join me for some lessons.....let me know.....don't worry I won't tell nobody...if you don't!!

Thanks again sweetie *kisses*



Presidential Inaugural Committee Wants You!!

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is seeking volunteers for Inaugural events. If you are interested in volunteering and/or witnessing the first African American President sworn into office then click here!

Will O.J. Find Peace in Jail??

Now that the jury has reached its verdict and O.J. is off to prison, will this put an end to the ongoing saga? NO!!In a recent report from the New York Post, the Goldman family is still pursing O.J. in an attempt to collect the outstanding debt of $42 million. While O.J. is still obligated to pay his debt, the questions is how will he make this kind of money while behind bars?? I don't know.....write another book perhaps?

Well the Goldman's found an idea......collect all of O.J.'s remaining assets.......Other than material possessions I hope O.J. put his money in a safe place, because if he didn't then he's in serious trouble. Its one thing to be broke on the can find a way to make money......but broke and in jail is bad combination....

Actor Found Dead

An upcoming Dayton, Ohio actor who starred in "8 Mile" and "Antwone Fisher" has been found dead of an apparent suicide, has confirmed.
D'Angelo Wilson, 26, was found in the back room of a Los Angeles business the day before Thanksgiving, the victim of suicide by hanging. It took authorities over a week to reach his next of kin, in Ohio, and when they finally contacted his mother, she told them she did not have the money to bring his body home.

In the end, friends of D'Angelo, including the real Antwone Fisher, put up the money to return his body.


Balfour's Mother Speaks

William Balfour, the only suspect in the murders Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew, was recently charged for the triple slaying based on an alleged confession made to his girlfriend. Balfour's mother, Michele Davis Balfour, spoke on William's behalf, and here's what she had to say:


Oral Sex After Sex? Yes or No?

Does your man or woman like to have oral sex after intercourse? How do you feel about it? Here's what Shanda and Scoop suggest......

I love these two....they are absolutely can always count on them to keep it real......For anyone in need of relationship guidance or tips on great sex, join the Shanda and Scoop community, or email your questions to't be scared, take your sex game to the next level....but remember... be safe!

MTO False Rumor *Alert*

For all my faithful Media Take Out readers, please don't believe the hype....MTO has been reporting false information since the beginning of its career......but don't fret.....Monique's here to save the day. Please see below for MTO corrections and updates:

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown are NOT Reuniting.

Rumors of Whitney and Bobby rekindling the flame have been circulating on MTO.....but let me assure ain't so!!!

In a recent statement made by Ms. Houston, she claims the rumors of her and Bobbi getting back together are a complete and utter fabrication.

While no one knows exactly who's in the starting lineup for Ms. Houston, we can find peace in knowing that it ain't Bobby.

Deelishis & Allen Iverson Rumor

Also on its long list of lies, MTO reported that Deelishis and her viancé Orlando split up and that she had moved on to Allen Iverson...NOT TRUE.....

Deelishis confronted these rumors on HOT 102.7 and said:

"Orlando and I are still together. We won’t wither, but we shall weather the storm! A.I. and myself are friends and like any other celebrity male figure who I’ve met in the industry and have become an aquaintance of, of course we hang out and like friends do, laugh, kick it and keep it moving. It is a shame that two adults of the opposite sex cannot be friends without someone assuming bullsh*t. This is just one of many rumors that many celebs have heard or dealt with about themselves and I know I shouldn’t be moved by it, but he has a family and so do I, and they don’t appreciate having to hear bullsh*t every 5 seconds just because some blogger, onlooker or just a flatout HATER is being nosey, messy or having a bad day! Grow Up!!! One day all that BAD karma is gonna come back to bite you in the ass! God Bless You, and may you continue to live your life, and stop being overly involved in others. To my real ones out there, I love you and please continue to pray for myself and Orlando"

Alright MTO....your keeping me busy with correcting and confirming your information...I think its time you checked your source, or put me on the payroll...Holla!!


Kanye West Lookin Boy

Jay-Z is dead wrong for this.....he's such a swager jacker!

Trying to pull off a Kanye West look makes Jay look foolish.....Didn't anyone tell him that glasses make your nose look BIGGER??


Who Got It??

Anika Rose VS. Vivica Fox
This gown looks better long......with that being said, Anika takes the cake......Vivica looks a horrid mess...and needs to find another dress to ruin...

Keisha VS. Brandy
This is a no-brainer....I absolutely love the dress and Keisha looks the best in it...

Sanaa VS. Tamara
I think I need help on this one!!

Kate Walsh VS. Solange
Solange rips the runway in this dress....I love the color on her and the style of her hair...she looks FABULOUS..

Melinda VS. Christina
This comparison was little difficult....both Melinda and Christina are wearing this dress....but I love the red flare in Melinda's top and shoes....Sorry Christina

Mariah VS. Naomi
Mariah takes the back seat to Ms. Campbell.....There's no comparison here....Naomi looks flawless in her dress as it compliments her body...not to mention the shoes...and is it me or does Mariah's dress look a little ashy??

Mary J. VS Kylie
Both ladies are working this dress, but I think Mary takes the cake....the shoes do it for me....

I'm going to have to go with Bootz on this one.....I can't really see Tiny's shoes, but it doesn't matter, Bootz got Tiny beat....

Sanaa Lathan.....Boushy or Pushy??

Someone has definitely gone Hollywood....too fly to be polite, Ms. Lathan pushed Keisha Cole's sister "Deewana" out the way when exiting a night club....a situation that could have turned sour, luckily for Sanaa, didn't........a simple 'excuse me' would have been appropriate.

It would have been funny if little Ms. Cole would have snatched the weave off Sanaa's head....

Ms. Lathan obviously didn't watch any episodes from "The Way It is"

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Did anyone see the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion on Bravo???

Let's talk about it......

I don't like how everyone ganged up on Kim....NeNe knows she was wrong for making up that song about Kim, especially when Kim was her ONLY REAL friend on the show.....
Secondly, I feel like the animosity was geared toward the wrong person....NeNe should have exploded on Sheree for her foolish acts and vindictive ways ......Also, Lisa should have been mad at Sheree for telling Kim about the song Ne Ne sang about her.

For some reason everyone seemed scared to tell Sheree about herself, but I was really hoping someone would check that trick.....Sheree is a clown....she's selfish, shallow and stubborn....she fills me with disgust, as I listen to her antics about people being jealous of her success .....all she did was marry and divorce an athlete.....CONGRATULATIONS on such an accomplishment.....trick please.....
Too bad she won't be cashing in on the 7 digits she wanted from her divorce settlement....apparently she lost the case and has appealed the ruling to the Supreme the mean time Ms. Sheree was forced to sell her home and put her kids in public school....what a shame.....stop spending your money on extravagant parties and pay your bills boo......

Lisa was cool in the beginning of the show, but I began to dislike her after a while.......She was the biggest instigator....from wanting Ne Ne and Sheree to take a picture together, to telling Kim about the song NeNe sang about her...Kim was good for keeping the drama flowing.....When she threatened to flip Kim over the couch (on the reunion show) I wanted to jump through the TV screen...grab Kim's right hand, and smack the Lisa into the unemployment line.

Anyway I'm glad the show is over, although I don't think that's the last we'll hear or see from these ladies...there are rumors circulating that there will be a second season with the same group....nothing has been confirmed, so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens...

Young Steff Featuring Maino

I'm so happy to see this young man step his game up......Young Steff dropped the single "Professional" early this year, off an unreleased album, and recently dropped the official video, featuring Maino last week. Hopefully this means we can expect an album from him in 2009....becaue I'm definitely looking forward to it...

Although the song is a little old, its still hot, and the video is even better....he reminds me of a cuter Mario, with a little O'marion flavor....check him out and show him some love.....

India Arie & Musiq Soul Child Collaboration

Check out India Arie and Musiq Soul Child's new song " Chocolate High."


Florida Teen Commits Suicide on Webcam

Sad story of teen suicide......

"The family of a college student who killed himself live on the Internet say they’re horrified his life ended before a virtual audience, and infuriated that viewers of the live webcam or operators of the Web site that hosted it didn’t act sooner to save him.

Only after police arrived to find Abraham Biggs dead in his father’s bed did the Web feed stop Wednesday — 12 hours after the 19-year-old Broward College student first declared on a Web site that he hated himself and planned to die.

“It didn’t have to be,” said the victim’s sister, Rosalind Bigg. “They got hits, they got viewers, nothing happened for hours.”

Biggs announced his plans to kill himself over a Web site for bodybuilders, authorities said. He posted a link from there to, a site that allows users to broadcast live videos from their webcams. A computer user who claimed to have watched said that after swallowing some pills, Biggs went to sleep and appeared to be breathing for a few hours while others cracked jokes.

Some members of his virtual audience encouraged him to do it, others tried to talk him out of it, and some discussed whether he was taking a dose big enough to kill himself, said Wendy Crane, an investigator with the Broward County medical examiner’s office."

Suicide Note Below:

To Whom It May Concern

I am going to leave this for whoever stumbles across my bookmarks later on. I hate myself and I hate living. I think that if someone who knows me reads this they will know who I am. So I will leave this unsigned. I am an a–hole. I have let everyone down and I feel as though I will never change or never improve. I am in love with a girl and I know that I am not good enough for her.

I have come to believe that my life has all been meaningless. I keep trying and I keep failing. I have thought about and attempted suicide many times in the past. I used to think of my failure as some mystical way of telling me that I was really meant for something meaningful. The only thing I dread besides the pain, is the way my family will suffer. I do not want my mother or father to think that it was anything they did that lead me to kill myself. I never really had any plans of leaving a note. I thought that I would not be able to describe why I want to do this and I am right. There is no way to tell you or anyone else why I dread every new day. My father had such high expectations for me and tried to give me every opportunity to improve upon myself. I let him down. I think that I am a major disappointment to him. I have a job but I’m always broke and I am in college but barely, I show up to class but that’s about it.

I want my life to end. I am tired of f—ing up everything. I am tired of people always telling me that they do not like me. I am tired of trying to be decent. I hope that someone finds this post and I hope that my parents know that I f–ked up not them. It is my fault I screwed up my own life.

This hate rages full force towards me and only me. I have long forgiven those who’ve hurt me, but I have not and cannot come to terms with forgiving myself, and the things I’ve done to hurt those in my life. You have all touched my life in one way or another, especially those whom I call family.

I cannot tell you how sorry I am for ending my life the way I did. I hope that you can all find it in your heart to see it as a way for me not suffering anymore and that I am finally at rest with myself, for being at rest with my guilt that constantly ate at me for so long.

Please forgive me all for taking my life so early. I tried so hard to fight against this strong battle I have reached out for help so many times, and yet I believe, I was turned away because of the things I did, that it is a punishment. I am willing to take, for I know that being who I am has only brought myself and others pain.

I love you all and will forever live within the memories we created.

Forgive me

Love always and forever

As for my signatre I will leave you with a quote so that if anyone reads this they will know it’s me. “Can’t feel pain if your dead? Just Saying”

Bump It or Dump It!!

Jamie Foxx dropped a new single featuring Lil Wayne, titled "Number One." The beat is hot.... it's definitely a club banger....but other than that I think this is one of the weakest songs I've heard Jamie deliver.....this song shouldn't have made out of the sounds like a rough draft that someone took seriously......I must say I'm a little disappointed...

I understand T-pain made the synthesizer hot, but enough is enough.....Jamie should have jumped on the Pain's circus train a long time ago.......but anyway check out the new song and let me know what you think.

Raw Talent

Jazmine Sullivan is probably one my newest most favored artist.....this girl has undeniable raw talent....something that voice lessons can't teach......If you haven't checked out my "featured song of the week" section then hopefully you heard her latest single "Lions, Tigers & Bears?"

I absolutely love this song....from "Need You Bad" to "Bust Your Windows" to this new joint, Jazmine keeps it real hood. Her music speaks about real emotions, situations and things common people can relate to.....she is the real deal.....

From the beginning of her singing career Jazmine has been ripping the stage.....check out her first filmed performance on Apollo at age 11, singing "Accept What God Allows"......

Beyoncé's New Video

Beyoncé......excuse me.....Sasha hits Los Angles this past weekend to begin shooting the video for her latest single "Diva."Based on the few pictures I've seen the video looks HOT!!!!From the classic diva style apparel to the action pack explosives Beyoncé is definitely showing the fire side of her alter ego "Sasha" I absolutely love SASHA......she reminds me alot of my alter, demanding, talented and absolutely FABULOUS.......

don't you just love Beyoncé?


Rhianna Loves Sasha

And I do too.......


Giving Thanks

Today, be blessed in the spirit of the Lord. Take a moment to reflect upon all the blessings you receive each and everyday......

Take a moment to think about how merciful GOD has been throughout your matter what your current circumstances are, be thankful for the opportunity to live another day.....

Know that your presence here on earth is no accident, or coincidence. You have a purpose....whether or not you know what that purpose is, be thankful for another day to fulfill your destiny..

Its so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to give GOD and our loved ones whom are continuously there for us......through the good time and the bad....the ups and downs, be thankful to have SOMEONE to walk with you through life's journey.....remind them how special they are to you and how much you love them....

If you love the Lord and know how much He loves you, thank him by being a blessing to others....This holiday season give the gift of love.....not with material items, but with your time....spend time with your loved ones and seize the moment......because tomorrow is not promised....

I don't know about YOU but I couldn't have made without HIM!!!! If anyone knows what I'm talking about, can I get an AMEN!!!

Inspirational Quote:

"To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
To make all your friends feel that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble."

Love strong, forgive easy and be blessed!!!


Hazardous Cosmetics

Today's word from the street informs us about the dangers of personal care products we use daily.

Recent studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), state that more than 750 personal care products sold in the US, violate cosmetic safety standards. A large majority of these products lack sufficient data and have never been tested for safety.

These products include: Dove facial cleansers, L'Oreal facial moisturizers/treatment, Suave body wash, Revlon lipstick and many more. Ingredients and chemicals used to make these products potentially cause, birth defects, cancer, infertility and many other severe illnesses. To protect yourself and your loved ones from these hazards, make sure you read the label. Avoid products that contain ingredients such as: Boric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Catalase, Toleune, and many others.

Find out if the products you're using contain hazardous chemicals. Click here for a "skin deep" diagnostic, where you can type in the name of any product and get information on its ingredients and level of toxicity.


Beyoncé - "Ego"

NEW SH!T......Beyoncé drops her second single titled "Ego" track off the Sasha Fierce album...This song is more like what I expect to hear from Beyoncé...or should I say Sasha....I'm beginning to think I like Sasha more than Beyoncé.......and based on recent photos:
Sasha looks like she has more fun......

But anyway, check out the new track and let me know what you think....Don't forget where you heard it first!!!

Bags by Chilli

Former TLC member Chilli is doing whatever it takes to get back on the scene. From working on a solo album, to a reality TV show looking for love, Chilli is now designing handbags.
The line is called "Bags by Chilli," and is expected to drop in the Spring. The 'customize' your own handbag design appears to be attractive and expensive. As Chilli describes it, her design allows buyers to create their own design and showcase themselves, their talent, passion, artwork or loved ones. Depending on the size of the bag, prices range from $63-$300.

The bags are absolutely adorable......and creative......

For more information about personalizing your next handbag, visit Chilli's website at of supporting Ed Hardy, Coach, or your favorite fashion your girl Chilli and put a few dollars in her pocket.....we all know she needs it.....