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Beenie Man Gets Robbed in London

The clip below shows Beenie Man surrounded by what looks like a bunch of fans.....but in the mist of it all there's always a hatin a$$ ya pockets Beenie!!!

Guess Who's Bizzack

The Legendary HEAVY D.....

Making a strong comeback, holding down the #2 spot on Itunes Raggae chart, HEAVY D dropped a new single titled "Long Distance Girlfriend."

The highly unexpected album, "Vibe," will drop in stores December 16 on his self entitled Stride Ent. Label and distributed by Federal Distribution.

Doin it way BIG.....HEAVY D's management team hosted an album release party in Hollywood last night, which brought many supporters from all genres of entertainment. Martin Lawrence made a guest appearance alongside Rohan Marley.....

I wonder if Rohan is featured on the album??? Every Reggae CD could use a little Marley inspiration.

Not that HEAVY needs it.....having originated from the cliffs of Montego Bay....HEAVY knows all about Reggae....and its obvious when you listen to his music.

I hope his album is as hot as the new single.....if you haven't heard here for a sample.

New Video...TI & Rihanna

I've been waiting for this video to drop, and now that it has I can't say I'm happy about it. TI's "Live Your Life" featuring Rihanna premiered on 106 & Park yesterday and many people are feeling it..

I Like the concept of the video, its decent, but I guess I was expecting something different. The storyline is nice, and you can always count on Rihanna to look fabulous and TI is getting his acting thing on....but there's something missing....can you tell me what it is??

BET Freestyle Cypher

If you didn't see the BET Hip Hop Awards then you missed the Japanese chick that ripped the Freestyle Cypher.....Lady Hime, from Tok Yo, Japan put on for her city.....Don't sleep on the Japanese...they got flava too....check it out!!!


Celebrating Black Love: Celebrity Couples

Cutest Video Ever!!!!

I'm not a huge fan of Diddy, but I must admit that somewhere deep within, he's probably a decent dude....judging by this video he posted endorsing Barack Obama as President, I feel a little differently about him.

His interaction with his daughters is adorable....but I'm not completely convinced....

Cute Vblog Diddy, but the jury still stands.....

Lauryn Hill & Family

Here's a face you don't see often....Lauryn Hill was spotted yesterday at a Williams Sonoma store in New Jersey, where Martha Stewart was signing copies of her latest book, "Baked: New Frontiers in Baking".

Lauryn was spotted with four of her five
children. It doesn't look like she's too happy, but her children do.........
Lauryn looks decent, but different from what I remember. I love her hair and she looks healthy, but definitely tired.....I guess five kids will do that to you!!!
No one knows if Lauryn was shopping for kitchen appliances or wanted to make a guest appearance at Martha's event....either way...nice to see you L. Boogie....we miss you!!!!

Puffy: Pimpin his Twins

Jesse and D'Lila Combs pose with daddy Diddy, for the upcoming issue of L'Uomo Vogue and as you can see the girls aren't wearing any clothes.

It amazes me how a man with so much money can afford to cloth himself, but can't find a decent outfit for his babies....and don't tell me this is another Ciara~Vibe Magazine suggestive nudity photo.

I'm trying to understand what Diddy was thinking.

Everything about his picture screams sex.....the nudity, the bow tie around the neck, and the positioning of one little girls hand on the others leg.

What's up with that??? Did Kim think this sh!t was cute??

Well there's one thing Puff makes clear, Diddy likes to sell sex more than anything else......even if it means robbing his babies of their innocence.

Puff should be ashamed.


Julian King Found Dead

Chicago authorities discovered the body of 7-year old Julian King yesterday in the back seat of the white SUV stolen from the Hudson residence.

The vehicle was found less than a mile away from where suspect killer, William Balfour, was apprehended by police.

Details from reports suggest Julian was tortured and shot several times. An autopsy is being conducted this morning to concluded the actual cause of death.


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For all my monsters, witches, goblins and playboy bunnies in the DMV, if you're looking for something to do this Halloween then check out Ed Hardy's Halloween party in Herndon.

Hosted at the Carpool restaurant and pool lounge, this Halloween bash is one you don't wanna miss. There will be door prizes, Ed Hardy giveaways and cash prizes for most unique and best costume.

So leave the Halloween house parties for the mummies and off that expensive costume and get some free goodies.......see ya there!!


Suspect Killer Found, Nephew still Missing

In recent news William Balfour, suspect killer in the murders of Darnell Hudson Donerson and Jason Hudson, is in police custody but is not cooperating. There are speculations that more people are involved in the shooting.

Details from investigators suggest the shooting took place at 9 a.m. Friday, when a gunman (or two) shot fires through the front door of the Hudson residence, hitting Jason in the chest. The gunman then entered the home and shot and killed Ms. Donerson as she entered the living room. Julian King, the young nephew of Jennifer Hudson was abducted from the scene. A family member discovered the bodies of the two victims several hours later.

Investigator are still searching for Julian King. Julia Hudson, the mother of the missing boy, is pleading for help from anyone that may have information about his whereabouts. Whether you are in the Chi area or miles away, keep your eyes peeled for Julian and contact Chicago authorities (312-745-6052) if you have information.

While the search continues Jennifer Hudson's publicist is asking that the murder investigation remain private. Jennifer has canceled her upcoming promotions for her debut in the movie "The Secret of the Bees," and has returned home to Chicago.

Prayers to Jennifer Hudson & Family

Jennifer Hudson woke up to a nightmare yesterday to find out her mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson had been murdered in their Chicago home.

Details from authorities say the bodies were found by relatives of Hudson who lived near by. Both victims were shot to death, the mother - 57, shot in the head, was found in the living room and the brother - 29, shot in the chest, was found in a bedroom.

Hudson's nephew, Julian King, was missing from the scene. Police suspect he was abducted by the alleged killer and ex-boyfriend of Hudson's sister, William Balfour.

Balfour, a young man with a criminal background, is allegedly armed and dangerous. In 1999 he served time for attempted murder and vehicular hijacking. He was apparently staying at the residence during the time of the shooting and authorities are looking for him for questioning.

Balfour is said to be driving a white Chevy Suburban SUV with Illinois license plate X584859 or a teal/green Chrysler Concord four-door sedan with a left front headlight hanging off and scratches along the left side with temporary tags 332K823.

If you see Hudson's nephew or the monster that took the lives of her family contact authorities at 312-745-6052. Prayers go out Jennifer and her family as they cope with their lose and find closure to this tragedy.

Peace and many Blessings J-


Young Steff: Professional

This song is old, but it still KNOCKS!!!!!

Young Steff got me with his summer single "Professional" I wish he would have dropped a video....This song is one of those jams that makes you want to rock from side to side, whether your at home or in the work place you are bound to bounce your shoulders and tap your feet....

I hope to hear more from this little the mean time I'll keep rockin to this joint (ain't she bad..ain't she bad!!)

Lil Wayne's New Baby Mama...

Isn't anyone you've heard of or seen isn't Nivea or Wayne's ex-wife Toya, but a Vietnamese chick named Sarah....
Sarah reportedly gave birth to a baby boy named Dwayne Carter III, in Cincinnati last night. Lil Wayne is claiming to be the father of the child but has requested a paternity test.

Rumors suggest the two met during a tour some time ago. Sarah is a nail technician , 21 years old and on her second child. While no one has heard of her, I'm sure we can expect to hear more now that she's dropped the load and test results are pending.....

What's to become of Wayne & Nivea??? Well sources say that Nivea and Wayne have tentative plans on reviving their relationship. Nivea supposedly proposed to Wayne, but he didn't accept or decline, stating that he's "married to the game right now." What he's wearing on his ring finger is a promise ring from Nivea to rekindle the passion when his run in the game is over.I don't know if Nivea wants to rekindle that flame now.....having to battle with not one, but two baby mamas is a bit much...... she was probably better of with DREAM.


Watch Out 4 Da Big Gurlz

Ice Cube obviously isn't working on any new films, because Mike Epps is hurting for money..

Trying his luck in the rap game, Mike drops a new single titled "Big Girls." The video is everything you should expect from Mike....funny....but not because of his comedy but because of his foolishness!!

His skills as a rapper are non-existent. Mike should have stopped before he got started...I haven't heard the song on the radio and there's no wonder why....If you're going to make a song about big girls do something serious rather than ridiculous....and use some classy looking thick girls next time...

I don't know about this one Mike....maybe you should hit some more movie auditions and leave the rap game alone....don't they need extras for "Iron Man?"

All the Sweet Meats....

.....put your hands up!!!!!!

Dancing to Beyoncé's "Put a Ring On It" youtube's mystery man represents for all male divas...

Give it up for him as he shakes his money maker....better than most women...mystery man got Beyoncé's moves down to a science.........WORK IT!!!!!

Kat Meets Mouse

Is it me.....or does Kat Williams look like Splinter from the Ninja Turtles????


Atlanta Housewives

You know..... its women like this that make me wonder...why am I single??

The ladies of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" are a real mess...I don't understand how they were able to bag a rich man that was stupid enough to take care of them.....
Deshawn is cute, I don't have anything bad to say about her, but....

Kim looks a trailer-trash mess with her un-be-weavable hair.

Nene looks like a broke-down Braxton sister that can't get her weave right....

Lisa Hu is obviously the hottest one on the show.......but her fellow housewife

Sheree looks like a man.

Where did they find these ladies and how did they make the cut? I'm sure there are some real Georgia Peaches that could replace this group of house haggers...What make these ladies so special, and why do they think they're worthy of prime time TV? For some reason they find themselves interesting and entertaining....But I Don't Think So.....who wants to watch gold diggers go shopping or plan silly birthday parties for their spoiled children? Not me.....can I get a AMEN????

Nobody Likes being Unofficial

Okay fellas time to get serious.....If you haven't noticed, the ladies are becoming more demanding about being "official." My girl Beyoncé put it best when she said "If you like it then you should've put a ring on it".......HOLLA......I love the message, because I can personally relate, but it seems as though many females are feeling the same way.

Cassie's new joint "Official Girl" makes it clear as she holds down the #3 spot on MTV countdown. I must say that I like the video although I don't like the unnecessary skin Cassie's exposing.....Its not like the girl has a body......she's beautiful and looks cute trying to dance....but that's as far as it goes.

The song and the video was well done, cuddos to you Cassie....


Adams Morgan: Crime on the Rise

A special "Crime Suppression Unit" has been called to the streets of DC's bar scene "Adams Morgan." In the past 30 days there have been over 30 violent crimes, including a double shooting that took place last week.

Police suspect the crimes are linked to rival teenage gangs...and report that the muggings and shooting aren't happening on the main strip of Adams Morgan, rather than the side alleys and walkways throughout.

Anyone that's been to Adams Morgan is familiar with these walk ways considering parking limitations.

So if your planning on visiting Adams Morgan, be sure to park in a parking garage or a well lit, high traffic area where violent acts are less likely to happen. Be safe, drink-up, think smart and walk fast :-)

Beyoncé "Put a Ring On It"

Where do I begin?????

First let me start by saying I love 'B'. I've been a HUGE fan of hers since day one, but I must admit that I'm not happy with her recent projects.

Her new single "Put a Ring On it" sounds like a spin-off of "Get Me Bodied" and "Crazy in Love." The song is cute but definitely not a step forward for Mrs. Carter. The video doesn't make me feel any better......its a boring, typical Beyoncé flick where she's shakin her fabulous body in the camera, with a plain back-drop that serves no meaning to the song.

Who's idea was that????

I'm trying to understand why her video was shot this's very low budget, I'm sure the video was filmed in one room, with one outfit, and one take.....are funds low 'B'? Why not put a little more effort into the production?? Instead of putting a ring on it, you should have to your management team to put some funds on it....

The dance moves were good, Beyoncé definitely knows who to pop-lock & drop it.....BUT I NEED MORE......

Also, what's the deal with the henna-robotic hand at the end, where Beyoncé shows off her $5 million wedding ring???? I don't get it........

Well If you haven't seen the video, feast your eyes this:


Eve Got The Memo

Eve must have read my posting about her raggedy braids and decided to shell out a few extra bucks for a decent weave.

Monday, Eve appeared at the Hollywood Life's 5th Annual Hollywood Style Awards , and I must say she looks alot better.....

The diva is apparently getting her life back on track and is trying to step it up to where she needs to be....we miss you Eve...