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Brandy's Back.......

.......and looking better than ever.....hanging tough with brother Ray J., Brandy hits the road to begin promoting her new album and hit single "Right Here".

When I first heard the song I wasn't sure how to feel, being it her come back single after years of hibernation. I was expecting something a little different.....but after a few rewinds I must say I'm feeling it.

I think Brandy came back with something we all needed.....A strong hit that creates a positive vibe and an addictive melodic flow...

I imagine the song and video was inspired by the fatal accident Brandy caused in December 2006, that took the life of Awatef Aboudihaj. The emotion exuded in the video is so captivating that its obviously rooted from a life changing experience.

As Brandy hits the promo trail, she is reminded by her publicist to refrain from talking about the incident. I imagine Ray J. is trailing alongside to give Brandy moral support and help keep interviewers in check.
Here the young stars visit Hot 102.7 radio station in Detroit. Brandy is also set to make a huge appearance on the Oprah show in November. I hope she makes it around to DC....cause if she does I'll be "Right Here" waiting.

If you're feelin the new single show your girl some love and vote for her video on 106 & Park by click here.