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Remember Nicole??

Word on the street is that Ms. Wray is planning on dropping an album in the near future. Her first single titled "Dice Roll" featuring Rell is pretty smooth.....She sounds very much like 'American Idol's' Fantasia... with a real gangsta girl swag.

For a new single I think Nicole should come a little harder....the game has definitely changed since her Miss Elliott days, so she really needs to step it up this time around.

I was a big fan of Nicole back in the day. I'm happy to see that she hasn't given up after all these years. I hope to hear more from here in the future. Click here to check it out.....let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

First ,Nicole dont sounds like Fantasia... If you want, Fantasia sounds like Nicole, because She has been on the game since 11 years ago, with no album released but still workin, she has at least songs to complete 5 good albums (Regrets, Cant get out of the game, i wanna kiss you, thug style, cruisin, dear father, destination....)

What i know is that she has finished her album "CHanges" and some of the songs of it can be heard on her myspace etc...
Also look for her new song with Daz Dillinger named "Metro PCs" thats the song that finally can take her back to the top.