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Miss Independent....Is that you??

Keeping it smooth and sexy Neyo, Jamie Foxx and F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S collaborate on Neyo's new hit "Ms. Independent".....The video features some random but sexy artist from Keyshia Cole, Estelle, Eve, Teyana Taylor and more. I freakin love this song....If you haven't seen the video or heard the song you're in for a treat. click below to check it out.

I hate to be such a critic....and I was tryin to be nice today...but Eve had to ruin it..

Could someone please help me understand why she still rocking those raggedy dry braids...Her roots were so horrible that the camera cut off the top of her head.....she used to be so fly...what happened???? I mean she really looked like a hot mess singin "I got it....I got it" Girl Stop.....I hope what she has is a hair appointment to get her swag back on point, cause slim is really fallin off....

Everyone in the video looked like they belong EXCEPT for Eve and Teyanna.....Ms. Taylor can't even get her album to drop, talking bout being independent....don't get me wrong I love Ms. Taylor...but I'm going to need for her to get in where she fits in.....keep hangin with Rhianna and leave the grown men for grown women...ya dig


Tye said...

I'm really feelin this song!