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Solange Visits Hot 97

You gotta love this girl....not only does she have style, but she has a bubbly personality and is not afraid to follow her own path. Ever since day one Solange has appeared to be a down ass chick.....If you've seen her interview with Fox, then you know what I mean.

A few weeks ago Solange spoke with Angie Martinez from Hot 97 to discuss the gossip, relationships and personal matters....Click below to see your girl in action.

The video clip confirms my perspective of her. Regardless of what the media may say, Solange is no wild and crazy one-hit wonder. She is a talented artist who like me, knows when to call "Bullshit" when she sees it. Ms. Thang is not intimidated or persuaded by pop culture. She is on her own wavelength and has definitely learned from the best. I expect to see her go far....outside of the shadows of Beyonce.

Regardless record sales, Solange is a hot artist that can't be keep hatin haters!!!!