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Prayers to Jennifer Hudson & Family

Jennifer Hudson woke up to a nightmare yesterday to find out her mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson had been murdered in their Chicago home.

Details from authorities say the bodies were found by relatives of Hudson who lived near by. Both victims were shot to death, the mother - 57, shot in the head, was found in the living room and the brother - 29, shot in the chest, was found in a bedroom.

Hudson's nephew, Julian King, was missing from the scene. Police suspect he was abducted by the alleged killer and ex-boyfriend of Hudson's sister, William Balfour.

Balfour, a young man with a criminal background, is allegedly armed and dangerous. In 1999 he served time for attempted murder and vehicular hijacking. He was apparently staying at the residence during the time of the shooting and authorities are looking for him for questioning.

Balfour is said to be driving a white Chevy Suburban SUV with Illinois license plate X584859 or a teal/green Chrysler Concord four-door sedan with a left front headlight hanging off and scratches along the left side with temporary tags 332K823.

If you see Hudson's nephew or the monster that took the lives of her family contact authorities at 312-745-6052. Prayers go out Jennifer and her family as they cope with their lose and find closure to this tragedy.

Peace and many Blessings J-