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If U Are Not Married....U Are Single

Words from Mr. iHustle himself....

This is by far the realest relationship advise I've heard in a long time. This dude is really speaking the truth about mistakes people make when they are dating. Everyone is guilty of a least one of his examples...

It's time to stop playing ourselves short and be wiser about the time we invest in people and the things we do for our "lovers."


Everybody Wants A Big Booty

No matter how much they have to pay for it. We see it everyday in entertainment media and I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it. From:

Kim Kardashian:

to Amber Rose

Niki Minaj
Angel Lola Luv
and many others....these women create a false since of reality. Although a few were probably naturally endowed, there is no way all of them grew an azz like this overnight. With the help of cosmetic surgery, these women have become icons that most men and women idolize. What's wrong with our society? When did it become cool or attractive to have a fake azz? What's the big deal about a huge booty anyway?


Derrion Albert: Victim of Gang Violence

Gang violence swept the streets of Southside Chicago, Thursday and took the life of sixteen year old Derrion Albert. A video of the attack hit the Internet and police are hoping someone will come forth to identify the suspects responsible.

Speculations about the cause of the attack is under investigation, but its unclear who the attackers were after. The video is heart break and quite disturbing. Check below to view the clip.

I don't know what these young teens are thinking these days....they are taking each others lives. Chicago appears to be notorious, among other states, for gang related crimes. What can the people do to bring this to an end?

I pray for Derrion's family as they coupe with their loss. Derrion was an honors student at Fenger High School, and his teachers say he had a bright future. Unfortunately that future was taken by his peers and community leaders are afraid that this is only the beginning.

God help us.

Striving for Financial Freedom

Wouldn't life be great if you were financially free? Free from debt, having to work multiple jobs and free to live the quality of life that you deserve?

In search to find the "answer" or the "key" to financial stability I found myself reading many books and attending several financial seminars that motivated me to want more....but didn't tell me how to obtain it.

Recently I was introduced to Brian Edwards Ayers, author of "Saving Your Financial Soul," and was given a copy of his book to read. Having read the book in only 1 day....I have since changed my perspective on money and how I control it and believe I'm a step closer to becoming "financially free." While I have a long way to go, I'm definitely headed in the right direction.

This book is by far the best read I've had all year. The story line was very well constructed and the information had something to offer everyone regardless of your current economic status. Having read this book, I have changed my spending habits and have grown more interested in how I use and understand money.

I don't know about you, but I don't plan to work until I die....nor do I expect the government to take care of me when my retirement runs out. I'm taking matters into my own hands, by educating myself and being wise about my "assets" and "liabilities."

I encourage you to get a copy of this book and read here to read a summary of the book and make your purchase. Trust me, you won't regret it. Spread the word and help your family members and friends free themselves of their financial nightmare.....


Looking for Employment??

Then you don't want to miss the Congressional Black Caucus Diversity Job Fair September 24-26th, at The Washington DC Convention Center.

The fair is free and open to everyone. No registration required. Recruiters are hiring for the following positions: Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Food Service, Government Retail, IT & Software, Health Care and Media.

Bring plenty of resume and be prepared for interviews on the spot. For more information visit

Learn To Be Rich..... registering to attend a FREE financial seminar with representative of Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller "Rich Dad Poor Dad."

This seminar will inspire you to become smarter about money and investing and provide you with hands-on, detailed strategies proven effective in today's economy.

If you are like millions of Americans living pay check to pay check, searching for job security and a higher quality of life, then take two hours out of your schedule to learn how to change your situation and become financially stable.

Attendees will receive a complimentary book and CD on "Budgeting Your Money."

You don't want to miss this.....the seminar will only be in the Tyson's area today and tomorrow. Click here to register....see ya there!!!


Tired of Being His Jumpoff??

Ladies...How many times have you settled for being his "friend" with benefits? Fooling yourself into thinking that you could handle sex with no strings attached?

At first you thought it was cool to enjoy his "friendly" company. Romantic dinners, passionate sex, sweet texts and expensive gifts. Before you knew it, you were head over heels, nose wide open and waist deep in his web of "love."

Over time your heart desired more, wanting every part of him, mind, body, soul and heart, you began to make excuses for his excuses. Daydreamed that one day the two of you...might be....could item. Sacrificing your time and yourself for the growth of your relationship, you soon found yourself lonely and empty.

Tired of his unfulfilled promises and words of entrapment, reality began to set in. You finally realized that you are and will forever be his JUMPOFF, nothing more.

Unwillingly you settled for being his "side piece" thinking you'd satisfy your thirst until someone better/serious came along. But its been months and maybe even years, and that someone has yet to appear.

How can you expect more when you are settling for less? Stop playing yourself short deserve and can have better. Someone who LOVES you, wants to be with you, and cares for you just as much as you care for them. He's out there, but you can't see him if your head's in the pillows and your ass is in the air.

Break away from your "boy toy" and make yourself available for true love. Save yourself for someone who is worthy to enjoy the fruits of your garden. Its easier said then done, but its possible.

You will definitely be tempted, and those lonely nights only get lonelier, but practice patience. If you truly want eternal love and happiness...stop settling....don't believe me, trust in him......

Pray about it...find peace in yourself and stopping playing the backseat when you deserve to be in the can do it....I did.


We Are Not Alone!!!

If you didn't believe in aliens, then maybe this will change your mind...

A group of teenagers in Panama City spotted this creature crawling out of a cave, and out of fear, they beat it to death. The boys contacted authorities, who have since obtained the body of the creature and has launched a search in Latin America to find other related forms of life.

The video below shows the group of teens that are responsible for the groundbreaking discovery....there are also several pictures of the creature throughout the clip. The interview is in Spanish, but it's still worth watching...check it out below.

Hofstra Student Lies about Rape

Hofstra University student, Danmell Ndonye, could face criminal charges after lying to police about being gang-raped at a fraternity party.

Ndonye told police that five men took her cell phone at an on-campus nightclub and lured her into a dormitory men's room and then tied her up and sexually assaulted her.

Four gentlemen Rondell Bedward, Jesus Ortiz, Kevin Taveras and Stalin Felipe, were arrested and arraigned on rape and other charges. They were held in contempt until a video of the encounter surfaced and Ndonye recanted her story.

Investigators said the video of the sexual encounter shows Ndonye consenting to the "sex romp." According to Victor Daly-Rivera, the video "looked like a porn movie. It showed just the opposite of what the allegations were. There was no tying up, there was no bruising, there was no screaming," according to the

Ndonye later confessed to police that she had made up the charges because she had been afraid to tell her boyfriend about the illicit bathroom encounter. The four gentlemen were released from prison on Wednesday night after spending three nights in jail. The charges have been dropped, but now investigators are deciding what penalty Ndoyne should face. So far, Ndonye has been suspended from school, pending a disciplinary hearing. Whether or not she receives criminal charges, Ndonye should definitely be expelled from the institution. Her actions were about to ruin the lives and reputation of four men..who's to say that if the video tape didn't surface that she would've told the truth?

Regardless, this girl needs serious counseling...not only was she wrong for lying about the encounter, but she had no business having sex with four guys anyway. She needs prayer and guidance.


Wendy Williams Admits to Abusing Cocaine

Wendy Williams responded to Whitney's interview with Oprah and expressed her disappointment about Whitney not taking ownership of her drug addiction. By setting an example, Wendy revealed unknown secrets about her drug abuse and made a parallel between their situation.

I have to admit that learning that bit of information about Wendy helps me understand and respect her a little more. It was very bold of her to disclose that information, and the comments she made about Whitney are very true...if you missed this episode of the Wendy Williams show...check it out

Chris Brown Hits the Streets

but it doesn't look like he's having fun....As stated during his interview with Larry King, Chris Breezy will be picking up trash off the side of the road, as terms of his sentencing for the Rihanna assault case.
I wonder if the police are there for his protection, or to micro-manage his trash picking skills.

Told Ya So....

Nas and Kelis are back together....

They were spotted at Kara Young’s charity event last night. Kelis looked very good and slim, considering giving birth less than two months ago.

Although there is no wedding ring on either of their fingers, I hope those big smiles mean they are headed down a road of forgiveness and rebuilding their family!!

Whitney Speaks to Oprah (Part II)

Here's the second half of Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston. There is more drug talk, her father’s passing, Michael’s death and more. Check it out!


Its Cheaper To Keep Her

Nas learned the hard way....but now he's got his head on straight.

Sources say Nas and his ex-wifey/baby mama, Kelis, have reconciled and are back together. The two were spotted all lovey dovey in the streets of New York over the weekend.

Will it last? I hope so. A new baby and a big whole in your pocket can definitely turn a situation around. I hope the two love birds work out their difference and focus on raising their son!

Whitney Speaks with Oprah

Let me start by saying Whitney looks AMAZING....She had definitely come a long way.

I'm sure it was tough for her to discuss her drug addiction and the rise and fall of her marriage with Oprah. I don't think anyone could have conducted a better interview with Whitney...Oprah got down to the heart of the matter and created a comfortable environment for Whitney to speak the truth about her harsh reality.

Regardless of what anyone might say....Whitney has definitely turned her life around and I'm happy to see her make the come back that her dedicated fans anticipated.

Mashonda Better Watch It...

Because Alicia Keys might get scrappy if she tries to steal her man back.

Sources say Alicia Keys threw her hunny, Swizz Beatz a party at club Kush in NYC...and an unexpected/uninvited guest arrived to stir up a little trouble......that guest was Swizz Beatz's ex-wife Mashonda.

Word on the street is that Mashonda paid security over $1,000 to let her in the club...and upon sight Alicia Keys started tripping. Trying to keep it lady like, Alicia held her composure, but I can't say the same about Mashonda. Pictures of the event have yet to surface and I'm waiting for more info....story developing...

50 Comments on Kanye's Outburst

I swear this will be my last post about the Kanye incident...I really couldn't let this slide. Why is 50 Cent commenting on the Kanye/Taylor explosion when he did the same thing at the Grammy's in 2004? 50 needs to find a new hobby and spot making idle threats...

Kanye, Close to Tears on Jay Leno

After watching Kanye speak on the Jay Leno show, I think alot of people will have a deeper understanding of his actions, not just at the VMA's, but over the past few months.

Appearing at the awards with a Henney bottle, aggressive outbursts at paparazzi and even his decision to date Amber Rose....all show signs of someone who is unhappy and crying for help. I'm glad he realized that what he did was wrong, and I think he was sincere in his apology. Watching him fight back the tears broke my heart. I hope he takes time off before he destroys himself.

"Its been extremely difficult. Just dealing with the fact that I hurt someone or took anything away from a talented artist. Or from anyone. I’ve only wanted to help people my entire life. I’ve only wanted to give and do something that I felt was right and I immediately knew in this situation that I was wrong and it wasn’t a spectacle…it was actually someone’s emotions that I stepped on. It was very rude period and I would like to be able to apologize to her in person."

Jay Leno then asked him how did he think his mother would feel about what he did and it was a long awkward uncomfortable 10-15 second pause before he answered:

"Obviously I deal with hurt…and you know so many celebrities never take the time off. I’ve never taken the time off to really…. Music after music. Touring after touring. I’m just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt. I don’t try to justify it because I was in the wrong period. But after this I need to take some time off and analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life. How I’m going to improve because I am a celebrity and it’s something I have to deal with. And if there is anything I can do to help Taylor in the future or to help anyone… because I want to live this thing. It’s hard…"

Keep Kanye in your prayers.....

"Life After" Kid n' Play

Remember the 80's group Kid n' Play? Ever wonder what Christopher “Kid“ Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin ended up doing...well Play answered to his "calling" and turned to gospel rap and Kid pursued comedy and acting.....check out the "Life After" episode featuring the life of the two artists!

Teyana & Souljaboy are Dating??

This is news to me....I must be out of the loop and late on celebrity couples. Teyana posted this picture of her and her boo at the VMA's after party!

Cute couple!!!


VMA Highlights

The 2009 VMA's was by far the best award show I've seen in YEARS. Featuring the worlds hottest artists, with creative performances and a touch of controversy (Kanye) and class (Beyonce) what more could you ask for?
Recapping the highlights of the night:

See that look on Beyoncé's face.....

That's how I was looking when she finished her performance. I thought to myself...."Is that it?" Compared to all the other performers, Beyoncé didn't bring it like I was expecting.....she ranked the lowest on my list of top 5 performers. That's a new spot for Bey...I hope she steps it up...It's time to break away from the basics and raise the bar. Where you at Bey? Alicia Keys came STRONG with the vocals last night. I was so happy to see her doing it...and with my man JIGGA. What a wonderful way to end the show. All was good until Lil Mama got on stage, to do what....make a fool of herself. Jay-Z did what he does best, he dusted her to the side and kept things moving.
All this storming the stage will soon require security to block unwanted appearances...Thanks Lil Mama!!

Can't forget about the fashion!!

Amber Rose looked good from head to shoulders, but that snake print body suite was doing a little too much for me. Does she ever wear under garments? I guess with a body like that, who needs them.Madonna looked fabulous...this was the best I've ever seen her look. She was dressed conservatively and actually looked motherly. Her opening speech about Michael was nothing shy of PERFECT. Madonna has definitely grown and moved on from her 2003 VMA appearance.Jennifer Lopez brought sexy back as she made her guest appearance on the red carpet. The dress and shoes are absolutely rockin and she looked AMAZING!!!I guess it's safe to assume that Jenny has been hitting the gym HARD BODY....with a new album release she'll have to do a little more then sweat it out....the game has changed since Jenny's last album and I don't know if her vocals can compete.....Can't wait to hear the first single.Pink and Shakira wore the same dress last night.....opps!

Pink definitely rocked it best....but both ladies played it off well and laughed about it. That's the way to handle it....kiss kiss!!!

Perez Hilton was.......Perez Hilton.Alicia Keys looked good....outside of her BIG-KNEE syndrome. Somebody missed a few sessions at the gym....Keys could use a little more time on the Stare Master!!There were many other appearances and performances but they weren't worthyof making the blog. If you wanna see more pics check out MTV's spotlight of the event.


Her performance was absolutely break taking. I was on the edge of my seat the whole about pushing the limit. Pink did the ultimate....she sang upside down, while doing acrobatics....and didn't miss a note. What more can I say? If you didn't see's what you missed!!

Janet Kills the MJ Tribute

Janet Jackson did her thing at the VMA's....dancing her heart out during the Michael Jackson tribute. The camera captured a very special moment in the choreography, where Janet and Michael danced side by side. The entire tribute was beautifully orchestrated. I like how they had a collage of dancers salute MJ, rather then highlighting one person or a select few. Michael's legacy speaks beyond words....long live the KING!!

Kanye, Kicked Out of the VMA's

If you want a show, invite Kanye.
Beyoncé lost to Taylor Swift for the "Best Female Video" award and I'm sure many of us were disappointed, but not as irritated as Kanye West. Taking matters into his own hands, Kanye stormed the stage after the award was presented to Taylor and this is what he had to say...

Did Kanye forget that he was at the MTV awards and not BET??? He and his hunny dip Amber got the boot and was promptly escorted out of the building....I knew I smelled trouble when he arrived on the scene with a Henney bottle in hand....Yezzy should know better.


You can always expect Lady Gaga to take it the next level, but tonight, she took it too far!

Can she breath through all of that madness? I have to admit that I kinda like the face paint/mask, but everything else.....leaves me speechless!

And it doesn't end there:

R.I.P Tupac Shakur

Legendary Tupac Shakur died on this day, 13 years ago. A victim to gun violence, ended the life of one the worlds most greatest actors, rappers, and artists of all time. As we reflect on his legacy and impact in the rap game, we remember Tupac for his political, economic, and racial equality messages. Outside of his "thug life" passion, Tupac had a mission to lead and motivate the underprivileged. From "Brenda's Got a Baby" to "Dear Mama" Tupac was the voice of the streets.....a leader among sorts and his spirit lives through is fans and followers.

Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, continues to release Tupac's music and maintains a website where fans can read about his life and make donations to the Tupac Shakur foundation. If you are interested in supporting Afeni's mission please visit the site and make a contribution.


Kayne Is No Fool

He might have a stripper chick on his arm....but he knows what to do with her......and what NOT to do.
You'll never see him kiss her on the lips....and it's not because she's wearing pink lipstick. No matter how fly Ms. Amber Rose maybe, seven years of stripping, and god only knows how many year of smoking, won't get juicy wet one from Yezzy!!!

Beyoncé is Dat Bytch!!

Seeing Beyoncé and Rihanna (by favorite two divas) hit the same stage in one night, confirmed that Beyoncé is the baddest bish in the game. For a while I was on the Rhianna band wagon, but let the truth be told, Rhianna can't see Beyoncé with BIFOCALS on!!!

Watching Bey perform DIVA at Jay-Z "Answer the Call" concert reminded of why she's my favorite artist. Her performance is ALWAYS flawless and her stage presence is unbeatable. Regardless of how official Rihanna's swagg might be, Beyoncé holds the number 1 spot in my book!

I found it interesting that Bey and Ri's outfit was very similar...who do you think rocked it best?