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Kanye, Kicked Out of the VMA's

If you want a show, invite Kanye.
Beyoncé lost to Taylor Swift for the "Best Female Video" award and I'm sure many of us were disappointed, but not as irritated as Kanye West. Taking matters into his own hands, Kanye stormed the stage after the award was presented to Taylor and this is what he had to say...

Did Kanye forget that he was at the MTV awards and not BET??? He and his hunny dip Amber got the boot and was promptly escorted out of the building....I knew I smelled trouble when he arrived on the scene with a Henney bottle in hand....Yezzy should know better.


Mario said...

Im not going to lie I kinda laugh a little when I saw this. Just the way he said it, then walked off. Little too much Henny haha.