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Underground Music Mix Winner

Round one of the "Underground Music Mix" ended successfully with 110 votes for "Night Time Medicine" by Derrick Marquis & Kenny Whispers, 64 votes more than their opponent Marcus Pharoah singing "All Alone."

For all you that voted for Derrick and Kenny, you can look forward to seeing them on "Real Talk Radio," with me, this upcoming Thursday, September 17th from 2-3p.m. I will interview them and play some of their music, so please tune-in and call-in to provide constructive criticism and comments.

If you haven't already noticed, the next contestants for round 2 of the "Underground Music Mix" has been posted. Please check out these new HOT artists, Naomi Achu and June Walton and vote for your favorite song.

If you or anyone you know is interested in entering into the "Underground Music Mix," please click here for details and instructions.


howard said...

that love my swagg by june is crazy hot

Anonymous said...

Yes "Love my Swagg" is that shyt....I hope he wins