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Your Education...Your Future

If you missed President Obama's speech on education yesterday, then take a moment to be inspired.

The President did an awesome job of delivering a powerful, thought provoking dissertation. The only thing I wish he would've done differently, was present at a Maryland or D.C. public school. I believe the issues he addressed and scenarios he described would have reached more students in that environment. Regardless, I know his words inspired someone the same, if not more, than they inspired me.

The most compelling statement he made, was that "your mistakes don't define you, they teach you how to be better." We as individuals need to learn how to move beyond or mistakes and give ourselves a second chance. Dust yourself off, pick up the pieces and try again. When you give up on your dreams, you not only give up on yourself, but you give up on your country. Your future not only dictates the future of your children and your contributions to society, but to the Nation as a whole.

Wake up people and rise above. Educate yourself to the highest level and make a difference.