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Striving for Financial Freedom

Wouldn't life be great if you were financially free? Free from debt, having to work multiple jobs and free to live the quality of life that you deserve?

In search to find the "answer" or the "key" to financial stability I found myself reading many books and attending several financial seminars that motivated me to want more....but didn't tell me how to obtain it.

Recently I was introduced to Brian Edwards Ayers, author of "Saving Your Financial Soul," and was given a copy of his book to read. Having read the book in only 1 day....I have since changed my perspective on money and how I control it and believe I'm a step closer to becoming "financially free." While I have a long way to go, I'm definitely headed in the right direction.

This book is by far the best read I've had all year. The story line was very well constructed and the information had something to offer everyone regardless of your current economic status. Having read this book, I have changed my spending habits and have grown more interested in how I use and understand money.

I don't know about you, but I don't plan to work until I die....nor do I expect the government to take care of me when my retirement runs out. I'm taking matters into my own hands, by educating myself and being wise about my "assets" and "liabilities."

I encourage you to get a copy of this book and read here to read a summary of the book and make your purchase. Trust me, you won't regret it. Spread the word and help your family members and friends free themselves of their financial nightmare.....