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Maia Campbell Exposed & Exploited

This video breaks..... my..... heart. If you haven't seen or heard about the latest video of "In The House" heart throb, Maia Campbell, then take a peek at the video below.

The video was allegedly captured in L.A. during a video shoot for a no-name music label on the rise. The gentlemen shown in the car with Maia is an alleged hustler that claims Maia is a crackhead. It's obvious that she's under the influence of something, what that is, I'd rather not speculate. Rumors suggest that Maia has turned to prostitution and drugs. Its uncertain if the allegations are true, but its clear that Maia is a fallen star.

Several weeks after the disturbing footage hit the Internet, Maia's "hustler friend" had some words to share to clear up any confusion:

I don't know how much of his story I believe. How did he not know that was Maia Campbell? He knew who she was and probably knew she was cracked out and wanted to get it on film (he mentioned needing a crack head for his shoot). It disturbs me that they intentionally exploited her to get a little recognition for their project and found humor in her condition. There's nothing entertaining or funny about this all at.

Maia is one of millions that have taken the wrong path to drugs and it's sad that she didn't grow to reach her full potential. I pray she finally wakes up and makes a positive change with her life, and surrounds herself with people that will love and respect her. Such a sad story.....


Anonymous said...

It appears that Maia is bipolar or suffers from some sort of mental disease. Her late mother the famous author Bebe Moore wrote a book about her struggle with it. I think her mother tried to help her and upon her death, things have taken an even worse turn for Maia. It's quite unfortunate that people take advantage of others like this. I pray for her and hope someone intervenes and gets her the help she needs.