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HU Student Protest

Howard University kicks off the semester with a protest that could soon get out of control. Nearly 350 students and service workers rallied outside of HU's Administration building yesterday, demanding answers to a list of grieving issues, reports the Washington Post.

Inadequate funding, a shortage of campus housing and improper employment practices, is what students are concerned will leave many unemployed and out of school. Students and Union workers want answers and a resolution...what will Howard do?

With a crumbling economy, financial aid is scarce. Budget cuts on education, cripples students in need of financial aid, especially at HBCU's. Majority of which are not funded by the state and rely solely on grants and alumni donations. Funding that may have been provided by the state has been cut, or no longer exists.

Diddy has joined the students in the protest, by sending his support and advice through Twitter. Hopefully he can pull a few strings and call on some of his wealthy pals to donate some funds. I know Diddy is an active Alumni that takes pride in his University and students. But can he help make a difference?
I guess we'll have to wait and see. HU Office of the Provost is planning to meet with student leadership early next week to discuss concerns and possible solutions. Story developing......