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Janet Jackson on American Idol

Janet Jackson performed at the season finale of American Idol yesterday. Looking smashing with her new short hair cut....Janet still got it going on! Her body is bananas and her vocals are still on point, but you can tell Janet can't "bust-a-move" like she used to.

If you missed her performance check it out below!


Aaliyah "One In A Million" Remake


Is Beyonce Happily Married?

When she sings songs like this, it makes you wonder!

I miss the old Beyoncé..."Independent Ladies," "Irreplaceable," "Upgrade You" "Me, Myself & I." Cute video, but this sh!t here is depressing.

Confirmed: Alicia Keys is Pregnant

When I heard Alicia's new song "I'm Ready" I pondered to myself....what is she talking about? But after seeing pictures of her from a recent concert performance...I understood exactly what she meant. A family.

Rumors about Alicia being pregnant have been circulating, but I think the above picture confirms the truth....Alicia and her boo Swizz Beatz are expecting their first child together.

As much as I'd like to be happy for them..I'm not. The fact that Swizz is still legally married to his wife, Mashonda...doesn't sit well with me. I understand things happen, but I thought Alicia had a little more class than that.


What Was Kobe Thinking?

....he wasn't.


Basketball Wives ... Groupie Drama

As much as I hate reality TV, "Basketball Wives" ROCK!! The drama is non-stop and these ladies are so entertaining. Check out a clip form episode 4..