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Derrion Albert: Victim of Gang Violence

Gang violence swept the streets of Southside Chicago, Thursday and took the life of sixteen year old Derrion Albert. A video of the attack hit the Internet and police are hoping someone will come forth to identify the suspects responsible.

Speculations about the cause of the attack is under investigation, but its unclear who the attackers were after. The video is heart break and quite disturbing. Check below to view the clip.

I don't know what these young teens are thinking these days....they are taking each others lives. Chicago appears to be notorious, among other states, for gang related crimes. What can the people do to bring this to an end?

I pray for Derrion's family as they coupe with their loss. Derrion was an honors student at Fenger High School, and his teachers say he had a bright future. Unfortunately that future was taken by his peers and community leaders are afraid that this is only the beginning.

God help us.