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Tired of Being His Jumpoff??

Ladies...How many times have you settled for being his "friend" with benefits? Fooling yourself into thinking that you could handle sex with no strings attached?

At first you thought it was cool to enjoy his "friendly" company. Romantic dinners, passionate sex, sweet texts and expensive gifts. Before you knew it, you were head over heels, nose wide open and waist deep in his web of "love."

Over time your heart desired more, wanting every part of him, mind, body, soul and heart, you began to make excuses for his excuses. Daydreamed that one day the two of you...might be....could item. Sacrificing your time and yourself for the growth of your relationship, you soon found yourself lonely and empty.

Tired of his unfulfilled promises and words of entrapment, reality began to set in. You finally realized that you are and will forever be his JUMPOFF, nothing more.

Unwillingly you settled for being his "side piece" thinking you'd satisfy your thirst until someone better/serious came along. But its been months and maybe even years, and that someone has yet to appear.

How can you expect more when you are settling for less? Stop playing yourself short deserve and can have better. Someone who LOVES you, wants to be with you, and cares for you just as much as you care for them. He's out there, but you can't see him if your head's in the pillows and your ass is in the air.

Break away from your "boy toy" and make yourself available for true love. Save yourself for someone who is worthy to enjoy the fruits of your garden. Its easier said then done, but its possible.

You will definitely be tempted, and those lonely nights only get lonelier, but practice patience. If you truly want eternal love and happiness...stop settling....don't believe me, trust in him......

Pray about it...find peace in yourself and stopping playing the backseat when you deserve to be in the can do it....I did.


Big Sis said...

This is a really good one. So many women get caught up in this, just trying to feel what they think is "love" Starving for affection, makes you willing to take ANYTHING that comes in the form of affection.. Great Post Miss Monique- 2 thumbs up