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Can Mya Make a Comeback?

I don't think so......not with artists like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Keri Hilson in the game. Mya doesn't have what it takes to steal the spotlight from these hot divas, even if she tries to show a little more azz. Mya's a pretty girl, but pretty doesn't sell records.....Christina Milian proved that theory. Her new single "Show Me Something" featuring Bun B, doesn't cut it for a comeback record. The song is lacking something major and Mya's swag is outdated. The only back in the day chick I've seen looking swaggarific is MONICA:Anywho....I heard a sneak peak of other tracks on Mya's new album "Beauty in the Streets," and let's just say I wasn't impressed. Her album is expected to hit stores Sept. 29th, so if you're a Mya fan scurry on down and support her efforts. If you haven't seen her new video, check it out below and let me know what you think.


D. Marq said...

I totally agree, with you. I'm rooting for a fellow DC native but that's going to be a tall order to breakthrough current chartoppers like the ones you mentioned as well as vets in the game like, Jill, Alicia, India. I don't know if she has the right backing to make that happen.