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Chris Brown on Larry King:


Big Sis said...

What upsets me about the whole thing is that people still want to insist that he must have had a reason, that she must have pissed him off.. WHY?? i mean people act like they know Chris Brown so well and that he is incapable of being an out of control abusive man..I mean all we know of Chris Brown is what he his PR has wanted us to know- who says he's a nice guy- he told us that and we believe it? We havent had him over for sunday dinner, spent time talking and getting to know him and can say - wow this is so not like him! just because he seems innocent looking doesnt mean that he is- there was NOT a reason for him to unleash the beating he did on that young lady...And as far as people saying that we are being to hard on him and we should leave him alone- well HE is the one that keeps doing interviews and public statements. He has an agenda to clean up his image- which i'm not mad at that- i get it, but the ONLY way he or any person that behaves the way he did can get help is by 100% accountability.. That's part of the 12 steps of ending an addiction- your accountablity and responsability in the matter. Because are we to conclude that he is so weak and fragile that he is unable to control himself when provoked- It's true we dont know the entire story- but what we do know is that HE admits to being wrong- He broke the law and He needs to face the music now. To me it's like a person that rapes a lady saying well hey she had on that revealing outfit so she asked for me to rape her! NO i dont care if she walked down the street but naked- the rapist had NO right to violate her, nothing warrented that and that's how i see this situation with chris brown and rhianna- she could have called him out his name, talked about his mother, yelled and screamed- but he didnt just hit her once, he didnt push her off of him to protect himself or get her to shut up- HE BEAT HER DOWN, IN AN OUT OF CONTROL MANIAC RAGE!!! that was all him!
Whew- as you know this is my field so i'm very passionate about it.. Two thumbs up for coverage of the story! :-)