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VMA Highlights

The 2009 VMA's was by far the best award show I've seen in YEARS. Featuring the worlds hottest artists, with creative performances and a touch of controversy (Kanye) and class (Beyonce) what more could you ask for?
Recapping the highlights of the night:

See that look on Beyoncé's face.....

That's how I was looking when she finished her performance. I thought to myself...."Is that it?" Compared to all the other performers, Beyoncé didn't bring it like I was expecting.....she ranked the lowest on my list of top 5 performers. That's a new spot for Bey...I hope she steps it up...It's time to break away from the basics and raise the bar. Where you at Bey? Alicia Keys came STRONG with the vocals last night. I was so happy to see her doing it...and with my man JIGGA. What a wonderful way to end the show. All was good until Lil Mama got on stage, to do what....make a fool of herself. Jay-Z did what he does best, he dusted her to the side and kept things moving.
All this storming the stage will soon require security to block unwanted appearances...Thanks Lil Mama!!

Can't forget about the fashion!!

Amber Rose looked good from head to shoulders, but that snake print body suite was doing a little too much for me. Does she ever wear under garments? I guess with a body like that, who needs them.Madonna looked fabulous...this was the best I've ever seen her look. She was dressed conservatively and actually looked motherly. Her opening speech about Michael was nothing shy of PERFECT. Madonna has definitely grown and moved on from her 2003 VMA appearance.Jennifer Lopez brought sexy back as she made her guest appearance on the red carpet. The dress and shoes are absolutely rockin and she looked AMAZING!!!I guess it's safe to assume that Jenny has been hitting the gym HARD BODY....with a new album release she'll have to do a little more then sweat it out....the game has changed since Jenny's last album and I don't know if her vocals can compete.....Can't wait to hear the first single.Pink and Shakira wore the same dress last night.....opps!

Pink definitely rocked it best....but both ladies played it off well and laughed about it. That's the way to handle it....kiss kiss!!!

Perez Hilton was.......Perez Hilton.Alicia Keys looked good....outside of her BIG-KNEE syndrome. Somebody missed a few sessions at the gym....Keys could use a little more time on the Stare Master!!There were many other appearances and performances but they weren't worthyof making the blog. If you wanna see more pics check out MTV's spotlight of the event.


Big Sis said...

Girl you captured them all here!

Might I add my two cents- Kanye is a loser! but at least a couple good things came out of this- 1. we got to see just why Beyonce is a classy DIVA and 2. People who would never had said Taylor's name now know her more than the little white girl that won the award! I hope it helps her out even more- I love her songs! :-)

Also- I was disappointed with J-Lo's award intro, she seemed like she totally didnt feel like being up there!

and no one is talking about mr. laid bak eminim! LOL.. i mean usually he is the crazy one, but he came out and besides a little bit of eye twitch ( which made him look just a tad bit deranged) he kept cool!
Even when lady Gaga came up and asked him to hold his award- You KNOW it was a million things going through his mind at that point, but he kept calm and cool.. lol
two thumbs up for the recap!