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Suspect Killer Found, Nephew still Missing

In recent news William Balfour, suspect killer in the murders of Darnell Hudson Donerson and Jason Hudson, is in police custody but is not cooperating. There are speculations that more people are involved in the shooting.

Details from investigators suggest the shooting took place at 9 a.m. Friday, when a gunman (or two) shot fires through the front door of the Hudson residence, hitting Jason in the chest. The gunman then entered the home and shot and killed Ms. Donerson as she entered the living room. Julian King, the young nephew of Jennifer Hudson was abducted from the scene. A family member discovered the bodies of the two victims several hours later.

Investigator are still searching for Julian King. Julia Hudson, the mother of the missing boy, is pleading for help from anyone that may have information about his whereabouts. Whether you are in the Chi area or miles away, keep your eyes peeled for Julian and contact Chicago authorities (312-745-6052) if you have information.

While the search continues Jennifer Hudson's publicist is asking that the murder investigation remain private. Jennifer has canceled her upcoming promotions for her debut in the movie "The Secret of the Bees," and has returned home to Chicago.