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Puffy: Pimpin his Twins

Jesse and D'Lila Combs pose with daddy Diddy, for the upcoming issue of L'Uomo Vogue and as you can see the girls aren't wearing any clothes.

It amazes me how a man with so much money can afford to cloth himself, but can't find a decent outfit for his babies....and don't tell me this is another Ciara~Vibe Magazine suggestive nudity photo.

I'm trying to understand what Diddy was thinking.

Everything about his picture screams sex.....the nudity, the bow tie around the neck, and the positioning of one little girls hand on the others leg.

What's up with that??? Did Kim think this sh!t was cute??

Well there's one thing Puff makes clear, Diddy likes to sell sex more than anything else......even if it means robbing his babies of their innocence.

Puff should be ashamed.