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Hazardous Cosmetics

Today's word from the street informs us about the dangers of personal care products we use daily.

Recent studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), state that more than 750 personal care products sold in the US, violate cosmetic safety standards. A large majority of these products lack sufficient data and have never been tested for safety.

These products include: Dove facial cleansers, L'Oreal facial moisturizers/treatment, Suave body wash, Revlon lipstick and many more. Ingredients and chemicals used to make these products potentially cause, birth defects, cancer, infertility and many other severe illnesses. To protect yourself and your loved ones from these hazards, make sure you read the label. Avoid products that contain ingredients such as: Boric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Catalase, Toleune, and many others.

Find out if the products you're using contain hazardous chemicals. Click here for a "skin deep" diagnostic, where you can type in the name of any product and get information on its ingredients and level of toxicity.