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Barack Obama Elected 44th U.S. President

Obama's historic win proves that America is indeed ready for change. Change that our founding fathers and civil rights leaders died for. Change that brings hope to minorities, the economy and racial barriers. Its been a long time coming that many hoped for change in America, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this.
A crushing win of 349 electoral votes over McCain's 147, Obama secured his victory Tuesday, November 4. Sweeping at least seven states that Bush won in 2004, including Florida, Virginia and Ohio, Obama reshaped the political map. This monumental shift demonstrates the need for change. The American people spoke loud and clear, "Yes We Can" and we DID!!!!!!

United with brothers and sisters from all cultural backgrounds WE fulfilled a prophesy. A dream that Martin Luther King Jr. once had....a legacy that we will never forget. Anything is possible where there's opportunity and with God, hard work and endurance, dreams really do come true.....