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Does Equal Rights Include Gay Marriage?

In recent debates about Gay Marriage in D.C., references to Martin Luther King Jr. and interracial marriages were made.

Supporters of Gay Marriages drew parallels to Dr. Martin Luther Jr.'s dream for equal rights, suggesting that same-sex marriage bans would one day seem as ridiculous as the interracial marriage bans overturned by the Supreme Court in 1967.

A supporter of this theory, Mayor Adrian Fenty, who is bi-racial, signed the legislation legalizing same sex marriage in December 2009. As his parent stood by and witnessed his approval of the legislation, Fenty said "my parents married when some places barred interracial marriage" said But my question is "WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH SAME SEX MARRIAGES?

Let's not confuse or misinterpret Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message about equal rights. His intentions were for all people of color, gender, social or economical stature to treated equally. I strongly doubt that included same sex marriages. How far will we take and undermine the struggles of Civil Rights to twist the ideology of equality?

Should Gay couples share the same rights as heterosexual marriages?