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Usher's BACK....

...and I'm sure everyone who saw the NBA All-Star opening, agrees. Most bloggers are talking about Usher's leather pants and rubber vest...but who cares about that...Let's talk about his performance. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

I'm happy to see Usher bring back the FIRE....One of his strong qualities besides his vocals, is his dancing. Usher always delivers a strong performance full of hot moves and sound vocals...I couldn't tell if he was lip singing or if it was live, but either way, the performance was off the chain! If you missed it..check it out!

I can't help but think about Usher's transformation after divorcing his monstrous ex-wife Tameka. It's funny how people lose themselves in relationships. Usher's last album was a testament of that. Now that he's moved on from that situation, and found himself again...he can give his fans what they miss....USHER.