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Nivea & Rasheeda Want you to "Say Something"

As you can see it didn't take Nivea long to bounce back after birthing Lil Wayne's second baby boy, Neal, just three months ago. The single mother of four and her home girl/rapper Rasheeda got together to make a remake of Timberland and Drake "Say Something".....I didn't know people made videos for remixes...but anywho the song is hot and the ladies song good on the track.

Besides Nivea being a ghost writer/two hit wonder...I think she has talent. I like her voice, but I can't say the same about her style.

Rasheeda is cute and I'm kinda feelin her. I need to hear something else before I can determine my thoughts exactly. It's nice to have another female rap artist in the game...because right now Niki Minaj is holding it down by herself. Anyway I hope this Nivea/Rasheeda colabo means there's an album coming out soon. We'll see!!!