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Michael Jackson's Doctor Gets Probation

Michael Vick got 23-months in prison for dog fighting and Michael Jackson's alleged murderer, Dr. Conrad Murray gets 4 years probation...what is the world coming to?

After eight months of investigations the personal physician responsible for taking the life of pop legend Michael Jackson was charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and faces up to 4 years of probation. In addition to his 'slap on the wrist,' Murray's medical license was suspended in the state of California, BUT he is able to practice in other states.

The charges were delivered today in court, as Murray entered a "non-guilty" plea with the defense that he did not intentionally cause harm to Michael Jackson. Murray admitted to being paid $150,000/month to provide Jackson with the powerful anesthetic, propofol, several times in the hours leading up to Jackson's death in June. This 'treatment' was part of a nightly regimen of anesthetics and sedatives that the singer allegedly used to combat chronic insomnia.

Murray was taken into custody and his bail was set at 75,000. He was forced to surrender his passport and appear in court for sentencing on April 5, 2010.