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Fantasia Dropped From Label

Fantasia was dropped from 19 Management, the American Idol recording label, for reasons they consider to be "creative differences".

According to, Fantasia has had her share of problems with management companies since her American Idol win in 2004. Her contract with J Records should keep a few bucks in her pocket, but unfortunately she is still obligated to share music sales profits with 19.

Fantasia is known for having sold many records in the past, however 19 management isn't confident in her ability to do it again...........Can you blame them???

Based on her ever changing style and appearance, I don't know if Fantasia can hold it together, I mean look at her......
Does it look like she's holding it together??? Fantasia is obviously going through some changes in her life....the tattoos say it all...She went from "America's Idol" to what looks like "America's Most Wanted". She looks like some one's jail house baby mama.......Get it together Fanta.....we love you, but remember there's a thin line between love and hate.....