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Soggy Bottom Karadashian

Kim looks like a damn fool....and its written all over her sisters face (see her sister in the background)..Does she really need to bend over like that?

Obviously her soggy bottom is all she has going for her, and you can tell because she's always sticking her butt in someones camera..

Come on Kim show a little more class.

I know she thinks she's HOT...especially since dating football head, Reggie Bush. But honestly i don't understand the hype behind this chick....

She's cute, but she looks like a sloppy chick with alot of money...she only looks good when she's rockin a girdle or tight clothes. Its obvious her butt is artificial..that's why it looks so lumpy in spandex....that's soooo attractive.

No doubt she has a beautiful face...but does that warrant all the attention she's been getting? I don't think so...there are plenty of girls right here in chocolate city that look twice as good as Kim. Come on Reggie don't fall for the hype!!!