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Nelly Bites the Dust

Ya know....Nelly continues to disappoint me....I used to be a Nelly fan, but after reading about him in recent interviews....this will be the last moment of shine he'll receive from me, via PC, radio, or TV.

In a recent article, Cornell Haynes Jr., aka Nelly, voiced his anger and frustration against Spelman College for "not helping a brother or the community" during his time of need.

A few years ago Nelly tried to conduct a bone marrow drive at Spelman to find a donor for his ill sister, Jacqueline Donahue.The students of Spelman protested Nelly's appearance at the university, and subsequently the drive was cancelled. Shortly after the protest a few of Spelman's representatives appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and discussed the controversy and Nelly's recent activities in the media. Unfortunately for Nelly the focus of discussion wasn't on his sister's need for help, instead they focused on the exploitation of women in his video titled "Tip Drill". I didn't see the Oprah episode, nor had I seen Nelly's video, so I decided to see what the fuss was about and boy was I in for a serious jaw dropper.

If you haven't seen the video, then take a moment to "feast" your eyes on this.

Next to porn, this is one of the most trifling most degrading video's I've ever seen......and the raunchiest video of the century award goes to......... NELLY!!!!

I don't know who I'm more disappointed in, Nelly or the trifling hoes in the video....I mean really....I'm sorry Nelly but after looking at this clip its hard to remember all the positive things you've done. Can you blame Oprah and the ladies of Spelman???

Outraged with Oprah and Spelman Nelly says “Instead of sisters working with a brother to help educate our people on Leukemia, on bone marrow, and getting people signed up on the stem cell registry and try to help save lives you want to talk about a video. A video (”

Yes Nelly...the video....What were you thinking when you swiped that hoes behind with your credit card??? "Ass for Cash"??

This is a video you keep in your private collection, not distribute for the public...Did you really think that was a hot idea....Anyway I think its stupid....Quite frankly I'm impressed with the students of Spelman. The fact that Nelly expected the school to rally for his efforts after such can a reputable institution support such an artist?

Although it is important for our people to be educated on Leukemia, scoliosis and other related health issues, Nelly isn't quite the ideal messenger.

Unfortunately for Jacqueline, a suitable donor was not found in time and she passed in March 2005 . Nelly is obviously that he is still bitter and trying to coup with the loss if his sister.....but blaming Spelman won't heal his pain or bring her back.

I'm sorry for your loss Nelly but I'm going to have to agree with Oprah and the ladies of Spelman on this one.