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Tragedy at Its Best

If you haven't already heard, some hatin ass knuckle head destroyed the life of Jacksonville Jaguars, Richard Collier.
Several weeks ago the 26-year old was shot 14 times, in the back, left groin, left leg and right buttock. A bullet severed his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed and his left leg was amputated due to blood clots forming in the groin and leg area. Five bullets were removed from his urinary bladder and he has suffered bouts of pneumonia, infections and renal failure....this young man is lucky to be alive.

Collier was on a ventilator for three weeks and had no recollection of the shooting. Statements from the press were held until Collier was made aware of his tragedy. In recent reports his condition has progressed from critical to good. He is expected to be released from the hospital soon.

After reading this story all I can do was shake my head....I don't understand how people can be so cruel to one another. Although Collier is blessed to still be alive, apart of him has passed. He will never be able to live a full life...He can no longer play football, and there's no telling what life long health problems he'll suffer as a result of this.

My prayers go out to Collier and his family...I wish you speedy recovery.

Watch out for the haters because their lurking and waiting to strike on the next victim. Keep your enemies close and watch those who pretend to be your friends....Be thankful for your functioning limbs....they may not be the size, or shape you want them to be..but at least you've got 'em.